Hi! I'm Alexis. It's nice to meet you.


I am here to help you realize how amazing you are.

I work with women who deep down don’t feel good enough. They have inner mean girls who are really hard on them. They people please, hide out, let guilt and fear run the show, and put an insane amount of pressure on themselves.

I help them to overcome their inner critics and tune into their inner wisdom. We do this while releasing fear and taking inspired action towards your dreams.



When I was in my 20s I had my first self-love breakthrough After graduating from college I moved to a new city, got my first real job, and broke up with a long-term boyfriend thinking I was onto “bigger and better” things.

I looked for self-worth through dating, relationships, partying, and staying constantly busy.

Somewhere along the way I got burnt out. I realized that not only was I undervalued at my job but it didn’t give me purpose. No matter how many dates I went on none of the relationships seemed to be “the one” I was looking for, and to be honest, I hadn’t gotten over my first love.

I had lost the confidence and care-free feeling I used to have and I no longer really knew what I wanted.

What I learned was that I couldn’t find fulfillment in another person, job, or thing. That would come in time. The key to true happiness had to first come in unlocking my own heart.

After some deep soul searching and working with a Life Coach, I completed a graduate program at Harvard, took time to be alone, and practiced transformational self-love.

In time, everything fell into place. I am now a mama to my beautiful boy Kai and wife to my amazing husband Peter. I have two dogs who are like my other children: Koa and Pono. I am a lover of cooking, writing, and adventure seeking.

I am a Certified Life Coach and Wellness Counselor, but that term never seemed to fully embody the work I do. I am a healer, a guidance consultant, and strategist all rolled into one. I use visualization, energy work, and actionable goal-setting with my clients.

I will always see the best in you, want the best for you, and expect the best from you. If you are ready, I am dedicated to helping you to heal and create your personal story of happiness and fulfillment.


The Professional Bio:

Alexis Meads received her Master’s Degree from Harvard University. In addition to her M.A., she is trained and Certified as a Life Coach from Coach U with recognition from International Coaching Federation, Wellness Counselor from Kerala Ayurveda Academy, and Reiki Master. She is the founder of AlexisMeads.com and Crazy Wild Love Academy. She has helped hundreds of women from around the world learn to practice self-love as they improve their confidence, create amazing relationships, self-care routines, and a more fulfilling life. She is a regular columnist for Huffington Post, Maria Shriver, Thought Columnist, and others.



“Alexis has given me the tools I needed to realize that I am enough and be comfortable in my own skin. We worked through some insecurities I had with dating and I am now getting married to an amazing man!” – Samantha M., Boston
“Put simply, Alexis changed the direction of my life. With easy to follow steps, Alexis helped me to put my goals down on paper and, after 3 months, I could see that my dreams were attainable long-term goals that were absolutely going to come to fruition.” – Cheryl Joanne, Vancouver

If you have ever said any of these four statements, I can help:

“I know I have a ton of potential but I feel stuck and overwhelmed. I stay small because deep down I don’t really feel like I have what it takes to be successful.”

““I want to embrace self-love but really I don’t know what that means. If I’m being honest, I spend a lot of time putting myself down and comparing to everybody else.”

“I’m feeling frustrated and losing faith in love. My relationships aren’t as fulfilling as I know they could be and I’m lonely.”

“Outside I seem fine, but on the inside I’m frantic trying to control everything and everyone around me. I’m constantly worrying or afraid everything will fall apart.”



“For once I’m hearing the inner voice of self-love speak to me, and I’ve never had more self-awareness as I do now. I am able to catch any unhealthy habits before they become a problem. It’s so uplifting. ” – Ava R., Florida
“I wanted to control every situation and make stuff happen ASAP. Alexis helped me to surrender to life and as I learned to trust more all I ever wanted started to happen. My relationships dramatically improved, my career started to happen and I took more courageous steps in life. ” – Selene R., Los Angeles

Self-love is one of the foundations for everything in our lives.

Women need a practical path and simple practices that get to the root of their lack of self-love where they can feel the transformations happening on the inside while seeing the shift happening on the outside in their relationships, career, body image, and happiness.

Curious about working with me?

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