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25 03, 2018

Crazy Wild Love Academy Price Increase Tonight!

By | 2018-03-25T15:34:02+00:00 25th March 2018|Uncategorized|0 Comments

What I'm about to say is really important, so please take the time to read it. Every time I offer this program, I have women email me: "Alexis, I really love your program but I'm just not sure it's the right time..." "I just started a new job so things are really busy." "I'm not sure if I can spend the money right now." "I'd rather wait until it's the right time, when ...

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24 03, 2018

I’m Afraid I’ll Be Alone Forever

By | 2018-03-21T04:17:57+00:00 24th March 2018|Dating, Self-Love|1 Comment

One of the fears that I hear most from women is "I'm afraid I'll be alone forever." I know that when you've gone through a terrible breakup, felt like you've had more failed dates than you can count, and see many of your friends getting engaged or married, it's easy to feel like you may be alone forever. But let me tell you...you won't. I've been doing this work for 6 years now ...

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23 03, 2018

Top Questions and Answers About Crazy Wild Love Academy!

By | 2018-03-21T03:57:46+00:00 23rd March 2018|Dating|0 Comments

First, a HUGE thank you.The past 48 hours have been inspiring. I've had a lot of fun welcoming our newest Crazy Wild Love Academy members into the family and I've been fielding some great questions. I'll answer the top questions about the Crazy Wild Love Academy here. If you didn't know that the Crazy Wild Love Academy opened the other day for enrollment, don't worry, it's not too late. The early bird price ...

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22 03, 2018

This Embarrassing Night Finally Helped Me Have The Love Breakthrough I Needed

By | 2018-03-22T18:23:34+00:00 22nd March 2018|Dating, Self-Love|3 Comments

I was at my birthday party, on the rooftop of my apartment building in downtown Boston, eating a vodka soaked pineapple when he finally showed up... I knew that I was already a little tipsy, but that didn't stop my heart from doing a full somersault when I saw him. I swallowed. Hard. And then walked straight up to him. We hugged and he complimented my dress and the party. Then he said, ...

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20 03, 2018

Alexis Meads Crazy Wild Love Academy 2018 Is Now Open for Enrollment !

By | 2018-03-20T18:52:28+00:00 20th March 2018|Dating|0 Comments

I promised you'd be the first to know. The Alexis Meads Crazy Wild Love Academy 2018 is now open for enrollment ! Don't miss out on this special event ! After much anticipation, and a TOTAL revamp of the Crazy Wild Love Academy 2018, the doors are finally open and I couldn't be more excited! It would be my honor and pleasure for you to join us. Get all the details about the program ...

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7 03, 2018

Art Of Flirting: How To Easily Get A Man To Approach You

By | 2018-03-07T18:51:19+00:00 7th March 2018|Dating|0 Comments

Yesterday was in the low 60's here in Portland and finally SUNNY...I was lovin' it! I was especially excited because it was my first Y7 Yoga class at the Nike headquarters. My husband works at Nike and they just opened a new yoga studio that has only been offered so far in NYC and LA. It's sweat dripping, beat bumping, candlelit yoga. I finished up a call with a client and literally sprinted ...

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20 02, 2018

Single? Here’s how experts and couples say you can meet a significant other

By | 2018-02-20T19:34:27+00:00 20th February 2018|Dating|0 Comments

I get asked all the time how do I meet a significant other and I was recently interviewed by KATU in Portland. They did a special that aired on Valentine's Day about how to meet a significant other in 2018. I hope you had a great Valentine's Day! Some of the best Valentine's Days I've ever had were when I was single. I can still remember Valentine's Day when I was 25, dating ...

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14 02, 2018

How To Choose The Best Dating App For Your Age

By | 2018-02-14T00:32:37+00:00 14th February 2018|Dating|0 Comments

Yesterday, millions of people began their search for love online. If you were one of them, how do you know if you chose the best dating site for you? I stopped by AM Northwest to tell them more about the options -- because each site has differences in the usability and who they target. Click here to watch and we'll discuss how to choose the best dating app for your age. There’s no ...

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13 02, 2018

Single? Here’s How To Have Your Best Valentine’s Day Ever

By | 2018-02-13T19:36:59+00:00 13th February 2018|Self-Love|0 Comments

I have spent many Valentine’s Days single. I put a ton of pressure on Valentine’s Day because it seemed that all around me people were in beautiful relationships, being showered with love. Everyone except for me. Are you single? Here's how to have your best Valentine's Day ever. In honor of Valentine's Day, if you've been wanting to talk to me about a specific challenge you're going through, apply here for a free ...

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4 02, 2018

The Difference Between Chemistry and Lasting Love

By | 2018-03-01T15:56:12+00:00 4th February 2018|Dating, Inspiration, Self-Love|0 Comments

I had so much fun being on Corinne Dobbas "The HeartSpace Podcast" discussing the difference between chemistry and lasting love! I have done a lot of podcast interviews, but this was one of my absolute favorites. Corinne and I had so much in common when talking about the beginning of our relationships, and just got really deep and honest in this podcast. Whether you're feeling not good enough, curious about the difference between ...

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