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The Crazy Wild Love Academy is more than just the ultimate lifestyle program…it’s a movement. A movement to be more and live more.

If you’re feeling stuck and not fully ENJOYING your life, read on…. Who is your inner bombshell? Simple. She’s the best version of you. The you that knows who she is, what she wants and how to get it. Who has that rockstar career, mind-blowing relationship and super fun life. Who turns heads wherever she goes. Because her beauty shines from within and she walks with a confidence second to none. Who naturally attracts good things to her and lives with an overall sense of ease and playfulness.

That person was NOT me….

….until it was. Alexis VIP CoachingIn this life coaching program, the Crazy Wild Love Academy, I help women fall in love with themselves to finally have the lives they’re dreaming of. I will help you to change the thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself and what’s possible, to confidently create a life YOU love.

I’m Alexis Meads, Creator of the Crazy Wild Love Academy.

It’s nice to meet you.

I’m a Self-Love Guru, but I wasn’t born that way.

For way too long, I was okay with settling for a job I didn’t like and getting underpaid. I tried so hard to grow up that I forgot how to play. I over-ate, over-drank, and over-dated. I searched for meaning and happiness everywhere except within myself.

You can begin taking action TODAY to learn how to transform your inner-critic into the loving, magnificent, sexy badass you were born to be.

here's the thing

Once I finally got my act together, I created a business that gives me purpose. I lost 20 pounds and have kept it off. I have fun and adventure in my life every day and I am now married to a wonderful man who I deeply love. And I want the same confidence, energy, success and LOVE for you too! There’s no special sauce I have that you don’t have. It’s in all of us, just waiting to shine through.

before and after


  • You’re tired of feeling overworked, overwhelmed and exhausted
  • You put everyone else’s needs in front of your own so there’s barely any time leftover for you
  • Your inner-critic is loud and clear telling you “you’re not good enough, smart enough, thin enough or pretty enough”
  • People say or think that you “have it all together” but inside you feel like a hot mess
  • You just want to feel happy and can’t figure out what to do about it
  • Your job sucks the life out of you and you want to follow your passions
  • You feel extremely self-conscious and wish you had the “perfect” body
  • You fall into the same old relationship patterns repeatedly


  • You feel ready and determined to make your dreams a reality
  • You turn heads wherever you go because your confidence and beauty shines through
  • Every day is infused with fun, play and a sense of adventure
  • That inner-critic voice has quieted down and now the only voice you hear is the one telling you that “you can do it!”
  • You are able to manifest and cultivate anything you want in your life
  • You finally develop healthy self-care habits that actually work for you, with your unique body in your busy life
  • You finally fall madly in love (for the first time or with your partner)




CWL Academy Curriculum

Week 1: Clear the Clutter

The perfect week to lay the groundwork! We’ll discuss why your surroundings are critical to creating abundance and happiness. How to decorate on a budget, clean out your closet and get rid of clutter. We’ll also dive into what creates mental and emotional clutter and how to get rid of it. This will create physical and emotional space for the lessons to come.

Week 2: Self-Love

Let’s roll up our sleeves and dive right in! Self-love! Woohoo! It all starts by changing your thinking. When we change our thoughts, we change our lives. This week we’re going to work on affirmations and create the most loving, care-free, relaxing week you can imagine. Why putting yourself first isn’t selfish, and how it’s critical to go on self-dates.

Week 3: Manifest What You Want

This is my favorite week. We’ll talk about getting in touch with spirit on a practical level and the principles of attraction. You’ll learn how to manifest anything you want in your life, connect to your surroundings and calm your mind through meditation. Plus, I’ll share some fun challenges to show you how this all works.

Week 4: Create a Week of Pleasure!

Get out there! This is the time where the rubber meets the road. Orchestrate the funnest and most adventurous week you can imagine. Create a week filled with pleasure. Watch out world – here YOU come!

Week 5: Loving our Bodies with Food + Exercise

Treating our bodies well is the ultimate act of self-love. We’ll bring the power (and pleasure!) back into eating. I’ll teach you about the daily routine that creates more energy, how to get the sleep you crave and the simple shift to make working out every day a ton of fun. Plus advice on how to embrace your beauty and style.

Week 6: Tapping into our Purpose

This is where you answer the questions who am I and what do I want. By learning to live in alignment with your values you guarantee that you’re never wasting time. Plus why playing small isn’t serving yourself or the world. How to identify and start living on purpose, because you’re worth it!

Week 7: All about LOVE

Create meaningful, fulfilling and loving relationships with your friends, family and partner. The secrets to finding or creating a relationship full of romance, connection and great sex. Have friends that you love and stop comparing yourself to others.


Class Schedule** CWL Academy consists of weekly calls and homework exercises. Note that all calls will be recorded and will last approximately 1 hour. If you can’t make it live, you can still request to have your questions answered and listen to the recording at a later time.

Week 1

Live Call: Tuesday January 27th at 5:30 pm PST/8:30 pm EST. Recording sent Wednesday January 28th am. Kick-off workshop where we will introduce ourselves and set intentions for what we’re gong to create over our 7 week journey together. We’ll also discuss the three types of clutter and set an action plan.

Week 2

Live Call: Tuesday February 3rd at 5:30 pm PST/8:30 pm EST. Recording sent Wednesday February 4th am. Regular class group coaching call with a special emphasis on self-love and self-esteem.

Week 3

Live Call: Tuesday February 10th at 5:30 pm PST/8:30 pm EST. Recording sent Wednesday February 11th am. Regular class group coaching call with a special emphasis on learning how to use the Divine laws of manifesting to create success, abundance, love or health in your life.

Week 4

No group class this week. This is an ACTION week where you’ll be getting out there to actively create adventure and pleasure.

Week 5

Live Call: Tuesday February 24th at 5:30 pm PST/8:30 pm EST. Recording sent Wednesday February 25th am. Regular class group coaching call with a special emphasis on self-care including food, sleep, beauty and exercise.

Week 6

Live Call: Tuesday March 3rd at 5:30 pm PST/8:30 pm EST. Recording sent Wednesday March 4th am. Regular class group coaching call with a special emphasis on tapping into our purpose through living in alignment with our values, career and entrepreneurship.

Week 7

Live Call: Tuesday March 10th at 5:30 pm PST/8:30 pm EST. Recording sent Wednesday March 11th am. Regular class group coaching call with a special emphasis on love of all kinds. Talk about family and friends, giving love, receiving love, dating, relationships and sex.


what's included in the crazy wild love academy


checkmark7 weeks of rock solid content to uncover your fullest potential for transformation in all areas of your life. Each week contains video, recordings and downloadable action sheets.

checkmarkSix LIVE group calls, personally led by me, where you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and have me coach you directly to work through challenges.

checkmarkA private Facebook forum EXCLUSIVELY for Crazy Wild Love members where you’ll get support from the other ambitious women in the program.

checkmarkWeekly motivating assignments to walk you through the process of clearing the clutter in your life energetically and physically, deepening your feelings of self-worth, creating a sound self-care routine, busting through your limiting beliefs and helping you to learn how to manifest what you desire.

checkmarkBonus training programs and a stellar group of Guest Teachers. The bonus programs include the BodyLove Harmony System, Feminine Approach to Productivity and Finding the One Course **This is hot!

checkmarkAccess to the Crazy Wild Love Academy for the ENTIRE life of the program, including all updates. Once you’re in, you’re a lifer!


crazy wild love academy bonuses


Feminine Productivity MasterClass bullet How to improve your focus and increase your energy so that achieving your goals feels more fun and easy!
bullet My favorite goal-setting worksheet that I use with my clients
bullet How to get 200% more done in 50% of the time
bullet And much more!


bodylove master class bullet An introduction to the BodyLove Harmony Map where you’ll learn about your unique body type
bullet The top food and exercise choices for your unique body type!
bullet Breathing techniques to help reduce stress
bullet 5 Tips for you to increase energy


Get More Love 2 bullet What to do if you’re perpetually single…or keep dating the same person over and over again
bullet The number one mistake you could be making that is keeping love at bay
bullet The ultimate solution to attracting the relationship you really want


exclusive guest experts of the crazy wild love academy

alexis wolferAlexis Wolfer is the founder and editor-in-chief of, an online women’s magazine founded in January of 2010 to bring women their beauty, fashion, fitness and wellness fix in a way designed to make them feel better about themselves. Less than 2 years later, Forbes Magazine named one of the Top 10 Women’s Lifestyle Websites. Alexis has simultaneously become a well-known beauty, fashion and lifestyle expert, as seen on the Today Show, E!, The Doctors, NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX as well as in print outlets from WWD to AOL, to, Teen Vogue to Star Magazine and even the United Kingdom’s leading newspaper, The Independent.

crazy wild love academy expert aaron lamont curryAaron Lamont Curry spent the majority of his years in Columbus, Ohio. With his electrifying smile and magnetic spirit he touches the lives of others by sharing powerful, enthusiast messages of encouragement through writing. He has taken an interest in helping facilitate a better understanding of relationships by opening healthy dialogue regarding the perspectives of both men and women. After relocating to Los Angeles, California, Aaron found himself guest co-starring on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne on TBS within nearly three months of his transition. He’s the author of “This Is Why You’re Single” which provides essential realizations while offering solutions to bring you closer to a healthy and happy relationship. It will help you realign your frame of thinking and recognize patterns or behaviors that cause relationships to fail.

alison_about1 Alison Leipzig completed her studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, earning accreditation from The American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). Additionally, she is a certified Reiki Master. Her academic background in the visual and healing arts has given rise to her career path as a Body Confidence Coach. She believes that creating the life that you want means appreciating the beauty in your world. As an extension of her commitment to beauty and authenticity, Alison is an expert logo and branding designer for soul-centered businesses.


IMAGE-1-312x468Billy Anderson is a Courage Coach who helps people get over their fears so they can figure out what they want and how to make it happen. He is a licensed Coach at the Courage Crusade, the author of “Your Comfort Zone is Killing You” and a regular contributor to the Globe & Mail. Years ago he had the guts to stop doing what the world told him he should do. Instead, he figured out what he wanted to do and how he wanted to make a difference in the world. Billy lives courageously every single day. He’s jumped out of an airplane exactly 101 times. He’s traveled to over 30 countries. He’s trekked in the Himalayas and run with the bulls in Spain. He’s been a sugar-cane farmer, an Outward Bound instructor, an advertising manager and a non-profit executive. Billy’s goal with his clients is this: when they’re lying on their death-bed, they’ll be thinking “Wow, that was amazing. I even surprised myself.


liz-dialtoLiz DiAlto, is a speaker, writer and the creator of Wild Soul Movement, a 12 week online experience of self-discovery that combines sensual movement, meditation and mantra. Her mission is to revolutionize the way women move and nourish their bodies and abolish current body image culture to create new standards for her peers, elders and all the young women and little girls who come after her. She is known for her raw and honest approach to body love and self-acceptance and Shape Magazine listed her alongside Dr Oz, Ellen, Jillian Michaels, Tim Ferriss and more as a Top 30 Motivator in 2013.


Alan-writing-peopletoolsAlan Fox is the author of the NY Times Best-Selling Book People Tools. Since its January 2014 debut, PEOPLE TOOLS: 54 Strategies For Building Relationships, Creating Joy, And Embracing Prosperity has become a top ten New York Times Bestseller changing the lives of thousands of readers worldwide. This philanthropist and relationship guru was last seen on the Steve Harvey show as he spoke about shared tactics for building the kind of business and life that brings true happiness in his latest book, PEOPLE TOOLS FOR BUSINESS: 50 Strategies For Building Success, Creating Wealth, And Finding Happiness.


arielleArielle Fierman is a Board Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, Recipe Developer, Speaker and Host. She creates delicious, easy-to-make recipes that taste just like your favorite foods but are “healthified” so you look AND feel amazing after eating them. We only get one body, so I’m here to help you fall in love with YOUR body (fast)! She’s been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, Glamour Magazine, NBC’s “Today in New York,” CBS’ “Starts With You,” Daily Candy, Crazy Sexy Life, Veria Living TV, Bloomberg Businessweek.


SueAnn_about-me-photo-e1374165432425-370x555 Sue Ann Gleason is a food lover, food writer, food-based healer and heart-centered marketing strategist. Founder of Conscious Bites Nutrition and the Well-Nourished Woman, she is a champion for women who want to lead a more delicious, fully-expressed life. I also love her Chocolate for Breakfast site! Sue Ann has been featured in Oprah and Runner’s World magazines and numerous online publications. When not working with private clients or delivering online programs, Sue Ann can be found sampling exotic chocolates or building broccoli forests in her mashed potatoes.


crazy wild love academy monica bloomMonica Bloom is an Ayurvedic practitioner, writer, lecturer, and creator of the Ayurvedic blog, A Blooming Resource on Ayurveda, reaching readers worldwide. And, when the world responds, “Ayur-what?!,” Monica laughs, explaining the foundation and benefits with ease. Her purist delivery of ancient wisdom fused with Midwest humor and practicality make her an impactful entertaining healer. Monica graduated with a Diploma of Ayurvedic Sciences in April 2009 and in 2010 traveled to India to advance her studies in panchakarma. Monica is a wife, mama of a spirited toddler, and owner of three animals. She currently works a 40-hour corporate grind in San Francisco, a true expert at tucking Ayurveda neatly into our modern lives as she manages the daily crazies just like everyone else.

kate-courageous-homeKate Courageous: practicing courage is my expertise. Teaching others how to powerfully practice courage is my vocation. I stand for righteous integrity and ferocious love, all in service to living life on your own terms and being a force for good. My greatest wish for all of us is that we completely and totally love and accept ourselves, and that our basic sense of safety and security in the world arises from knowing, trusting, and believing in exactly who we are. This I know to be true: start practicing courage, and you get unstoppable.




What students are saying

Crazy Wild Love Academy“What a great program for anyone who needs that kick-in-the-butt to get back on track, or just get on the right track!

As an academic, I have been taught to critique almost every aspect of my work, as well as the work of others. I started Alexis’ program with a healthy dose of skepticism and my eyes peeled for inconsistencies in presentation and argumentation. By the end of the course, my perspective had taken a complete 180. Not only does this program provide useful, and innovative, self-love advice, Alexis delivers her message effectively through appropriately-timed lectures and well-planned assignments. Far from being repetitive, each section provides new advice that is easily incorporated into one’s daily routine. I particularly enjoyed the fact that the program builds upon itself, with each section serving as the foundation for the next. It has inspired me to focus more on the positive, rather than the negative, aspects of my relationships and work. I would absolutely recommend ‘Crazy Wild Love’ to anyone seeking fulfillment, or more direction, in their lives. Alexis shares her own experience, advice and motivation that makes anyone know they CAN do it. This course can help anyone to access their inner joy, attract new relationships into their lives, lose weight and most importantly learn to love themselves. I will definitely recommend this to all my friends.” – Katie M.


crazy wild love academy review“I have achieved so many results since working with Alexis in Crazy Wild Love!

The Academy really worked for me. I feel so much more positive and happy in general! I’ve progressively integrated routines in my life, which I was missing. I went from never working out to working out almost 3 to 4 times a week (sometimes more!). I started meditating almost every day. For the first time in my life, waking up and mornings aren’t a torture like they used to be. I’ve mainly learned that it is okay to take care of myself, to feel beautiful without guilt, to spend some time on me and enjoy it! Every little change seems to have led me to something bigger and better.” – Caroline L.


Alexis Meads testimonial “My, what a whirlwind the last several months have been since I began the Crazy Wild Love Academy.

In the midst of finishing my Masters Degree, I not only landed a job that directly applies to my degree – BUT – it just so happens that my new place of work is nestled amidst a 544 acre nature preserve which is like a dream come true. I have an amazingly supportive boss who affirms and encourages me in my efforts. I’ve only been here a little over a month, but it feels like I’ve been here forever, in the best sort of way. Since the Academy I have made a point of actively asking for what I want – the most obvious being my apartment rental. I was very specific when asking a real-estate agent for what I wanted. Not only did I get ALL of what I asked for, but a lakeside view to boot. It’s gorgeous! The Universe not only gave me what I needed and wanted, but more than I could have ever imagined. All of these things that Alexis has been working on with us – self-love, purposeful manifestation – I don’t think I could’ve gotten here without it. Thank you for all that you do, Alexis, you are such an inspiration. You and your program have helped me to move my self-made mountains! XOXO” – April Moon


crazy wild love academy“Very positive and full of helpful tips.

A great course by Alexis. I really enjoyed learning even more about how to love myself, make myself “the one” and being reminded that my partner is a reflection of myself. This was then expanded on with an explanation of the five love languages so that I could think about how both my partner and I appreciate receiving love. There’s no point doing what I think is loving to him if it’s not what he really yearns for! Overall, this was a very positive course, full of helpful tips. Thanks Alexis! – Louise B.


crazy wild love review“There’s a ton of self-help gurus and life coaches out there – and I’ve always been skeptical – until Alexis.

Because of a friend’s recommendation, I took a leap and joined her Crazy Wild Love Academy – and, oh my gosh, how glad I am that I did. I had no idea how AWESOME life could be, or that I even needed much improvement, until I took the course. Alexis guides you through life-altering practices – from finding new ways to love yourself and your life to guiding your career moves. She’s very well researched, but most important of all – her advice works! I constantly find myself going back to her lessons to see how I can boost my routine and enjoy each day more. You can tell she has found some great strategies for improving her own life and is eager to share the joy. I give Alexis my highest recommendation and recommend her to all my friends and family. Don’t miss out!” – Jessica Steele, Marketing Manager and Entrepreneur


crazy wild love academy review“Learning to manifest in module # 3 and putting it into practice was a lot of fun!

The first thing I manifested for was a simple pen. I didn’t have one and needed one. Next thing I knew, I found pens laying around everywhere. I couldn’t seem to even go for a walk without finding a pen. Next I manifested for abundance. I began to find pennies on the ground when I went for my daily walks. Someone asked me why I bothered to pick up a penny and I replied, “Because if I don’t pick up the penny, maybe I won’t get a dime and then a quarter!” Soon I WAS finding dimes and quarters. But the big moment came when I found a rolled up fifty dollar bill laying in an empty parking lot! I laughed and told me daughter, “Next it will be a lottery ticket!” Sure enough I started finding discarded lottery tickets. Next will be my million dollars!” – Teresa Greenway


if you are ready I invite you to DECIDE it’s time that you are ready to take responsibility for your destiny and join me in the pursuit of love, happiness and fulfillment. Crazy Wild Love will help you to blow-the-doors off what you think is possible for you. The step-by-step plan is just one click away. You will have access to all updates for the life of the program.



Can you imagine what it would be like waking up every morning feeling beautiful, energized and truly excited about your day?


When you take this program and do the work, you will absorb some of the most powerful emotional and spiritual tools that I know. These will help you to transform your beliefs about yourself. And when you transform your beliefs, your actions and behaviors come along for the ride. That’s how lasting change works, baby!


Now here’s a little more information about the VIP Membership Upgrade…

VIP Upgrade (1)

VIP Members Will Receive…

  • Four 50-minute private laser coaching sessions with Alexis


  • Additional templates, meditations, worksheets and book recommendations


  • Unlimited email and text support


  • Detailed session notes and guided action steps


risk free


I want you to know that I believe so much in this course and what you’ll get out of it that I’ve put in place a 30 day money back guarantee. If you do your part and attend the classes, do the homework and participate in the group and find the course doesn’t help you, you may ask for a refund.
30 day risk free trial




Q1: How do I know if Crazy Wild Love Academy (“CWLA”) is right for me?

The people who reap the most benefit from CWLA are those who feel a deep calling for a breakthrough in their life when it comes to reaching their fullest potential. This might be someone who has put everyone else’s needs before their own, wants to create healthy daily habits and a body they love, have let fears and doubts stand in their way for far too long, or even wants to have more fulfilling and meaningful relationships. Most of all, you’ll know CWLA is right for you if you know deep down that you’re not fully stepping into your own personal potential, or that you’re shying away from making the necessary changes in your life out of fear, past conditioning or just plain uncertainty! If you identify with that, and there’s a part of you that deeply understands that there’s a better, more abundant, fuller way to experience life — there’s a really good chance that you are exactly the person that CWLA is for!


Q2: How do I know if CWLA is NOT right for me?

This isn’t the right course for you if you know that you’re not ready to take action to change your situation. I’ve put together a one-of-a-kind course with first-class resources, exclusive interviews and step-by-step content to help you if you’re ready to take action…but, of course, I can’t take the action for you. You’re the only one who can do that. If you tend to make excuses, put up a lot of resistance or question each of the suggestions you’re given, it is important that you know CWLA would be a waste of your time. The fact is that CWLA works best if you are ready to say YES to taking action and face the temporary discomfort of change so that you can reach the breakthroughs that await you on the other side!


Q3: What materials come with CWLA? Do you mail them to me or will I have to pay for shipping?

No — no hidden costs or shipping fees here! All of CWLA materials are digital, so that you’ll be able to access them from wherever you’re at in the world. No waiting anxiously for the mailman! When you purchase, you’ll get a confirmation email, and immediate access to the CWLA private community on Facebook. You’ll also get to set up your username and password to the private CWLA digital classroom where you can access all the training materials. Then, on January 23rd, you’ll get an email letting you know that class is starting and we’ll work through each Module together over seven weeks step-by-step of the way.


Q4: Time is tight for me right now…what if I don’t get through all the materials? Will I lose access to them?

Not at all. Once you’re a CWLA member, you have LIFETIME ACCESS to the materials. That means you can keep returning to the course materials again and again.


Q5: Do I have to do this all on my own? What if I need support, have questions, or just want to celebrate my successes?

Good news: You do NOT have to do this alone!

I will personally be leading 6 LIVE group coaching calls. During these calls, you will have the opportunity to ask me questions and have me work with you directly. Plus we have a private Facebook group exclusively for CWLA members.

Also, you have the opportunity to enroll in my VIP Program. I’ve made 15 spots available to CWLA members only for 1:1 coaching with me throughout the program. I’d encourage you to sign up if you’re craving personalized support and attention.


Q6: Who are the guest teachers in the program?

We have an amazing group of guest teachers and experts this year who you can view above including authors, wellness practitioners, relationship experts and coaches. This includes Liz Dialto, Alan Fox, Sue Ann Gleason and many more. During the various weeks in the Academy you’ll have access to exclusive interviews, and we’ll even have a special guest teacher joining us live for one of our community coaching calls.


Q7: I’m not sure…. Can I just wait until you offer this course again later?

You know me: I will be completely honest with you. I’ve decided to only offer this course 2 times a year max. The next time this course will be offered won’t be until July 2015.

I know that there may be some of you thinking about waiting until next time to take this course, and I want you to know up front that I will be raising the price of the course at least $100 this year. Acting now WILL save you money. The investment in the course is $497, but when you sign up now you get the early bird price of $100 OFF.


Q8: Are you offering a payment plan?

Yes! You can choose to pay in three installments, one now, and two more, each 30 days apart.


Q9: Do you offer refunds?

I put my heart and soul into my work, and I want you to know that I stand behind this course completely. So here is my commitment to you: If you do your part and attend the classes, do the homework and participate in the exercises, and still find that this course does not help you, then I don’t want to keep your money. I know that if you follow this course, it works.

If, within 30 days of the date that you sign up, you are unsatisfied, email us and we will refund your money.


Q10: I am ready to say YES to CWLA. What’s my next step?

It’s an easy one! Just click on the pink “Sign Up!” buttons — you’ll see them posted as you scroll down the page. You have the option to select the regular Academy or the VIP Upgrade option.