Finding Love When You Know Yourself Best

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Finding Love when you know yourself best01

What better time to look for love than when you know yourself best? You have years of experience in love, career, family and friends, and travel. Sharing these memories and future adventures can be made sweeter with the potential of everlasting love and a partner you can call your best friend. So, how do you go about this thing called love? Love can happen in mysterious ways but can be found when you least expect it, especially when you are at the top of your game!

Love knows no age; at every stage in your life, you have the potential to find love. Everyone finds love in different ways. Here are some of the highlights of what we have learned over time to help you in your search!

Self-Love and Self-Reflection

When you know yourself inside and out, it reflects the energy that you put out into the world. Those around you recognize someone who is comfortable in their own skin. Take the time to self-reflect on what makes you-you. Discover your hobbies, passions, and how you want to live your life. Discovering and dedicating yourself to personal growth can lead to a “new you”, someone you didn’t expect to be and perhaps be pleasantly surprised.

Maybe it’s an activity you loved years back and were too busy to enjoy, like painting or gardening, or different ways to keep healthy and fit. Give yourself the gift of self-love and be your own best friend. Whether it is a trip to the Bahamas or a pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on, thank yourself for being you and be proud of your accomplishments – you’ve made it this far in life, it’s time to continue your personal success!  How we take care of ourselves reflects in our appearance and the vibes we give off. You’ve been taking care of everyone else around you -now it’s your time. The confidence in who you are will attract the same dynamic in your future partner.

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Attract Positivity with Positivity

The law of karma: getting what you give. It’s no secret but difficult to practice and remember when life is throwing you all sorts of curve balls. Sometimes you can’t control the inevitable of what life brings, but you can choose how to react and the actions you take. By demonstrating to yourself that staying positive and finding the beauty in every situation will only lead you to have an optimistic view on life. This confidence and bright perspective will attract the same positivity in a future lover. When both of you can share the same values and outlook, you can support each other in what life has in store for you.

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Join a Social Group

The best way to meet people is to be active in your community and join a social group that interests you. Whether it be a cooking class, book club, or exercise group, as long as you take part in something that excites you, there is a chance you could meet someone who has the same interests as you. Volunteering can also be a source of self-growth and you are more likely to meet like-minded people who share the same values of helping others. The most obvious way to meet people is to get out there and explore the things that keep your mind and body stimulated. When you project and feel good, good will come to you!

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Enter the World of Online Dating

There is no escaping the endless happy stories you hear about your friends and strangers finding the love of their life by online dating. Everyone around us, no matter the age, is becoming more tech savvy and braver when it comes to taking a chance that out of all the people in the world, a special romance may start on your screen.  It is simple and easy to create a dating profile and you’ll be able to narrow down what it is you’re looking for. Let your friends in on your plan, as they’ll likely be more than encouraging in helping you find the “one” and get you out of your shell ;). Although it takes real courage to put yourself out there for everyone to see, learn about, and chat to -these concerns could pay off and the reward could be huge. When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter the way you met, it only matters the journey you took together and how fortunate you are to have each other. What are you waiting for…?

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Be Open-Minded & Adventurous

You’ve learned a lot and the thing is, everyone understands this stage in life. You have all gone through ups and downs -maybe divorce, children involved, and the many wonderful milestones you’ve shared with your family and friends. There are fundamental characteristics that you have always dreamed of in a companion. Because we may think, or not think, we know it all already, it is important to take a step back and practice being open-minded. Perhaps there is a reason why a certain type of person did not work out for you in the past, so now is the chance to look beyond the usual traits you are drawn to and be adventurous in love. Don’t miss the chance to explore different personalities that may surprise you. Find someone you want to share life’s adventures with, for better and for worse.

So, take a chance on love! You never know when it could happen… that’s what makes it so much fun.

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