Happy Sunday Podcast: How to Change Your Relationship Status Permanently

10th September 2017 by Alexis Mead -- Leave a Comment

Alexis Meads Happy Sunday Podcast

The other night I was at a beautiful candlelit yoga class sinking into a seated pigeon pose.

The teacher kept instruction us to just “let go”.

Trying to be dutiful, I’d be twisting into a position, breathing through the pain of my tight muscles, and attempting to let go, knowing that I only had so much time in this peaceful space before going home to my busy life.

And yet knowing all of this, and truly WANTING to let go, I just wouldn’t let myself.

All of my to-dos kept racing through my head for the first 45 minutes, and I just wouldn’t be present in the moment.

Why do we so desperately cling?

We cling to our to-do lists, our money, our ex boyfriends, our ideas of how it “should have” been rather than how it actually was.

Instead of realizing that letting go doesn’t mean that these things are lost. It’s simply a willingness not to cling to them. To allow them to be and give them space. To flow with the changing tides of life and relationships, being in harmony with them rather than resistance.

And from that place, you open yourself up to the peace and joy that was always available to you.

For some fun and easy Sunday listening, I’m including a recent podcast interview I did with Rise Up For You.

In this podcast we talk about a few key things:

1. Remember that you are doing the choosing when dating, even if it doesn’t feel like it.
2. A little more about my personal love journey and my hubby 😉
3. When we feel like we’re failing we tend to blame ourselves. Or we go the opposite direction and blame the environment. Learning instead to take responsibility without the blame, shame, or guilt.
4. Understanding early dating fears and how to work with them rather than against them.

Wherever you are in the country or world, I hope that you are safe, and know that you are love.

Enjoy the podcast and have a beautiful, happy Sunday.

With so much love,


P.S. My heart has been broken this week from the terrible wildfires raging in my home state of Oregon. Ash has been flying past my windows, homes are being evacuated, and the environmental impact is nothing short of devastating. If you have a heart for Mother Earth too, I wanted to share with you a wonderful organization, TreeSisters, that is calling upon women to help re-robe the planet in green. I donate to them every month, and if you feel called to do so as well, you can read more here.

P.P.S. Many of you have asked about private coaching and mentorship with me. While my 6-month program is currently booked out, you can schedule a free consult or book a single session.


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