8 Qualities of Highly Confident Women


We all know those women who turn heads when they walk into a room. They aren’t necessarily the prettiest, the thinnest, or even the most successful, but they send off an aura that tells you they are highly confident in themselves. They exude grace and people just want to be around them. While there are…

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7 Ways to Make Peace with Your Inner Critic


As much as we want to be strong, confident women, it can be incredibly difficult when we’re constantly listening to the voice of our inner critic. You know this voice — it’s the one that tells you that you’re not thin enough, that other people won’t like you, that you shouldn’t try something new because…

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The 10 Signs You Need Life Coaching


You’ve probably had a coach at some point. Maybe it was for your youth soccer games, college swim meets, or violin practice. They teach you new skills, hold you accountable, make you a better person, and (hopefully) are a super supportive mentor. Then you grow up and suddenly are out on our own. Some of…

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Moving from Fear into Confidence with Anna Goldstein


Hi there! I am currently in San Diego tagging along with my husband as he attends a conference. Kai and I have been chillin’ in the hotel room, going for strolls and sitting on the porch with our espresso. Well…baby milk still for him. If you’d like to speak with me privately for a free…

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8 Signs that You've Developed Greater Self-Love and Awareness

be the change

If you’ve been following me on Instagram and Facebook, you may know that in the past month we relocated back across the country to Portland, OR and moved into a new house. Phew-wee! I’m exhausted. I’ve been pushing myself to the brink, and the fact that not everything is properly organized in this house yet…

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