5 Qualities Of A Conscious Relationship

5 qualities of a conscious relationship

It is time to build a new paradigm for relationships. We are approaching a period in history where relationships are ready to undergo a major redesign, as it’s becoming clear that are current system isn’t working. Most relationships serve to satisfy our own needs. Our need to feel loved, our need to feel secure, or…

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You Have to Love Yourself First Before You Can Be In A Loving Relationship: Is It Bullsh-t?

The Every Girl

I talk a lot about self-love in this blog and community, and a question I get asked often is, “do I have to love myself before I can be in a loving relationship?” I have had clients who are incredibly self-aware, working on self-love, feeling doubtful that they’ll ever enter in to the loving relationship…

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What It Means To Be Impatiently Patient: Your Key To Extreme Success


How many times have you tried to make a change, go after a goal, or set a new intention, only to get discouraged and give up when you don’t see results in a few weeks? How many times have you entered into a new relationship, tried to lose weight, or begin a business idea, then…

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