5 Qualities Of A Conscious Relationship

5 qualities of a conscious relationship

It is time to build a new paradigm for relationships. We are approaching a period in history where relationships are ready to undergo a major redesign, as it’s becoming clear that are current system isn’t working. Most relationships serve to satisfy our own needs. Our need to feel loved, our need to feel secure, or…

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How to Heal From a Hurting Heart


I’m writing this post with a lot of love for women who are nursing a hurting heart. Unless you married your high school sweetheart who you met when you were 14 (I know a few people who fall into this category, and part of me is envious of you) you probably at one point have…

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10 Things People Who Are Great At Relationships Do Differently

10 Things People Who Are Great at Relationships Do Differently by Alexis Meads

Do you ever wonder why some relationships fail while others are totally rocking it? I know that I have for a long time. And still do. Now that I’m married, this quest seems more compelling than ever. Having been through the divorce of my parents and many of those around me, this question has burned…

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What To Do If He Doesn't Text

what to do if he doesn't text

This continues to be my most watched video, with nearly 20,000 views. I created it for any woman who feels disheartened, dis-empowered, or unworthy when a guy she’s dating doesn’t respond to her. Get your power back with this video on what to do if he doesn’t text.   Your turn… I would love to…

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50 Things in a Relationship That Will Have You Saying “Hell Yes!”

50 Things in a Relationship That Will Have You Saying "Hell Yes"! | Alexis Meads

I’ve been blessed in my life to have had great relationships. I’ve also had some…let’s say….less than great relationships. It’s these not-so-good ones that have made being in love that much sweeter, and more appreciative of my husband. Sometimes in life we can’t get a clear picture of what we want until we first experience…

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