How To Stop Obsessing When You Really Like A Guy

how to stop obsessing when you really like a guy

When you really like a guy, I know first hand how easy it is to become obsessive. We all have our triggers, and if gone unchecked our affection can quickly turn to obsession. Of course when this happens, we’re like repellent to them! Not only that, but we destroy our own inner-peace. This never seems…

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The Reason Why You Keep Attracting Emotionally Unavailable Men

the reason why you attract emotionally unavaiable men

There’s a reason that I chose him. After all, I could choose anyone I wanted. I thought I knew what I wanted and what I didn’t. The fact that I worked with this guy I’d started dating didn’t matter to me then. It made it more exciting, more passionate, more risky. There was something strong…

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How to Make HIM Actually Chase YOU

How to Make Him Chase You

There’s a trap that I see for women in dating all the time. Here’s how it goes…maybe you can relate: We get caught up in the excitement that someone showed interest in us. He picked you! And we feel that we’ve finally got that validation that we’re worthy of love. That’s why we try so…

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How To Have Self Respect When Your Dating

how to have self respect when dating

One night stands, ghosting, chasing after emotionally unavailable men… We’ve all done things we aren’t necessarily proud of when it comes to dating. It comes down to one thing…we want to connect with another imperfectly perfect human being. One question I often get asked is how are self-love and dating connected? Do you have to…

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How To Know If You're In The Right Relationship

How to know if you're in the right relationship

Are you wondering how to know if you’re in the right relationship? If you’re settling or being too picky? In this video I’ll show you a simple question to ask yourself and know for sure. If you’re tired of being single and are completely frustrated with dating, then head over to my coaching page to…

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