7 Ways to Make Peace with Your Inner Critic


As much as we want to be strong, confident women, it can be incredibly difficult when we’re constantly listening to the voice of our inner critic. You know this voice — it’s the one that tells you that you’re not thin enough, that other people won’t like you, that you shouldn’t try something new because…

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It's not as easy as it looks

Alexis Meads and Baby Kai

A few weeks after giving birth to Kai, an acquaintance of mine had a baby and posted on Facebook “every day feels like Christmas morning” in regards to life with a newborn. My heart sank. In essence, I was not feeling like every day was Christmas morning. Far from it. I was feeling a range…

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8 Signs that You've Developed Greater Self-Love and Awareness

be the change

If you’ve been following me on Instagram and Facebook, you may know that in the past month we relocated back across the country to Portland, OR and moved into a new house. Phew-wee! I’m exhausted. I’ve been pushing myself to the brink, and the fact that not everything is properly organized in this house yet…

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