It’s hard to remember a time when you felt totally carefree, confident, and happy with who you are.

Deep down there’s a part of you that feels ‘not good enough’. Perhaps the weight of comparison sits heavily in your heart. Or the soundtrack “I Should Be Further Along By Now” plays on repeat in your head. Maybe you think if you just try harder to be perfect then you’ll be happy.

You’re here because you’re tired of living from a place of fear and you know that keeping yourself small and stuck isn’t serving anyone. I know how it feels. Without a clear plan and support it’s easy to think that you’ll never figure it out.

But girl, it’s time to make a change, because you deserve to fully love yourself and enjoy your life.

That’s why I developed a unique coaching program that has helped hundreds of women banish self-doubt as they embrace confidence and find true happiness through self-love.

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If You Related To Any Of These Statements…

“I know I have a ton of potential but I feel stuck and overwhelmed. I stay small because deep down I don’t really feel like I have what it takes to be successful.”

“I want to embrace self-love but really I don’t know what that means. If I’m being honest, I spend a lot of time putting myself down and comparing to everybody else.”

“I’m feeling frustrated and losing faith in love. My relationships aren’t as fulfilling as I know they could be and I’m lonely.”

“I’m frantic trying to control everything and everyone around me. I’m constantly worrying or afraid everything will fall apart.”


Let Me Take You Here…

“I absolutely love my life and body! I no longer let my bitchy inner-critic control my thoughts and decisions. It is sooo liberating.”

“I don’t worry anymore about what everyone else thinks. I have the confidence I’ve always admired in other women.”

“I finally understand my patterns in relationships and have amazing, fulfilling love in my life. ”

“I feel ‘good enough’ no matter what comes my way. I have a crystal clear vision of what I want and the action steps to make it happen.”

“For my entire life I’ve spent my time comparing, measuring, wanting to get better so I can prove myself to other people. It was a never ending circle as I resorted to self-help books, counselors, online wellness experts, you name it. Alexis has an unbelievably warm and open manner that immediately helped me to open up and uncover the long-standing issue I have had with a lack of self-love and acceptance. She helped me to connect the dots and let go of false beliefs. I have grown more compassionate and loving towards myself which has helped my relationship and made me a happier person.” – Lisel V., Hong Kong
“Put simply, Alexis changed the direction of my life. Jaded from a string of bad relationships and an over-demanding career, I carried that negativity and wondered if Alexis would give me that change I so badly needed. With easy to follow steps, Alexis helped me to put my goals down on paper and, after 3 months, I could see that my dreams were attainable long-term goals that were absolutely going to come to fruition. She taught me that when you learn to love yourself everything falls into place and it really, really did.” – Cheryl Joanne, Vancouver
“I started coaching with Alexis and it has been life-changing! I instantly felt a connection with her as we worked through some insecurities I had with dating after going through a bad breakup. I am now getting married to an amazing man! If you are feeling lost and unsure of where you are going in life, Alexis will get you back on track and feeling great.” – Samantha M., Boston, MA

I do this work 1:1 because most of my life I played small, never felt good enough (seriously, even when I was accepted to Harvard I felt like a fraud), and sought validation from everyone and everything outside of myself. After practicing in my own life and becoming a trained professional in coaching and self-love, I wholeheartedly believe in the transformational power of this work.

I know you have those secret, soul-stirring visions for yourself. The ones that you want so badly but are almost scared to admit. They’re all possible, and they all start with you, beautiful.

We’ll get you reconnected to your self-confidence, design what you want the next six months of your life to look like, and uncover fresh opportunities that will sky rocket you forward. I blend energy healing with proven coaching techniques to give you a unique, one-of-a-kind experience.


“I found Alexis during a time in my life where I was coming off of some health challenges and feeling a lot of pressure at work. I wanted to control everything and make stuff happen ASAP. I made constant to-do lists and pushed myself towards the goal I thought I wanted but didn’t speak to my heart. Instead of feeling pressure to make an immediate decision, Alexis helped me to surrender to life and take my time. When I learned to surrender, everything started to happen. I started to trust, my relationships drastically improved, and I eventually quit my corporate job and started the yoga practice I dreamed of.” – Selene Ramirez., Los Angeles



“When I started working with Alexis I had lost all confidence in myself, my body, my relationship and my work. I was anxiety ridden and exhausted. Alexis helped me to see my worth and realize the strength I had within. I was able to be more vocal about my needs which made a huge difference with my partner. I now have more confidence in my relationship and am able to focus more on myself. In my career, I am now able to take on higher level work that once would have crippled me with anxiety. I can finally see my worth and truly believe it!” – Nicole K., Vancouver

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