You Can Just Peel The Potatoes.

"You can pray to God while peeling the potatoes. Or, you can just peel the potatoes." My sister said this to me over the phone, as we were busy catching up from her trip to Nepal. She lived in Nepal for five months, and was telling me the lessons she learned from the people she described as the happiest people in the world. Of course, I wanted to know 'the secret'. I told ...

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25 Tiny But Valuable Ways To Practice the Art of Self-Care

I’ve gotten requests from a lot of women who have said, okay, I’m working on thinking more positively, but I’d love to have more tangible ways to practice self-love and self-care. I get that. Self-love is not just a concept in our heads. Yes, I talk a lot about releasing negative thoughts and criticism towards yourself and embracing more loving thoughts. I also talk about how our thoughts create our actions and therefore ...

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7 Lessons In Love I Wished I’d Learned Sooner

“These are for you,” he said, handing me a dozen red roses and a teddy bear before leaning in to kiss me. My first boyfriend, Danny, was standing in the doorway in full army fatigues. He was picking me up on a warm Friday evening in July to take me out to dinner and a movie. We drove a half hour to the Columbia Mall in the suburbs of Baltimore and ate at ...

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How to cope with dating disappointments as a spiritual practice

Someone in the Dating Cocktail Lounge recently posted that they're struggling with coping through dating disappointments. Dating can be difficult, it's hard putting yourself out there, getting excited and then feeling let down. I started talking to a guy off bumble and we were in the middle of planning a date for that evening when he just went silent. Never heard back again. The idea to do it that day was even his ...

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How to Strengthen Self Love for an Amazing Relationship

I began my coaching career purely as a self-love coach. It took a long time for the meaning of self-love to really come into focus for me, as well as it's role in relationships, but I still stand by it's importance today. I recently read Brene Brown's book "Daring Greatly", in which her research data proves that self-love is foundational to loving others and receiving love in return. However, there may still be ...

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4 Things I’ve Learned As A Dating Coach To Date With More Joy

I've been a Professional Dating Coach for 7 years now, and had been on countless dates before that and meeting my husband. While there is no such thing as fully stress free dating, there are some key things I've learned to help clients date and have more fun along the way. Here are 4 things I've learned as a dating coach to date with more joy. “If I can see pain in your ...

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Low Self-Esteem? It doesn’t have to be a roadblock on the way to love.

I read loads of dating advice for women. So much of it seems to be geared toward the woman who has it all, except for her lover. I see email headlines that read,  “If you are a Powerful and Confident Women who is Ready to Find the Love of your Life, Click the Link Below”. One of my personal favorites is, “You know you are a great catch, confident, funny, smart, you have ...

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Introducing You To My New Baby Boy

This post will be short and sweet: I just wanted to introduce you to my new baby boy! Our second son, Case Michael, was born on February 5th weighing in at 6 lbs and 11 oz. He is just the sweetest baby and both myself and him are doing well. Unlike with my first son, where I tried to steamroll over all of the uncomfortable feelings I was going through, this time I'm ...

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Happy Thursday Podcast: Bringing Self Love Into a New Relationship

Amidst all the dating advice, all of the “do this” and “don’t do that” you’ll often find that a lot of that noise is geared towards helping you prepare for your relationships with others. But one of the most important relationships that you will have, and which will set the precedent for all others, is the one you have with yourself! It sounds so simple, yet self-love and self-care are not always prioritized ...

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The Real Secret To Flirting And Meeting Men In The Real World

I've talked to my clients often about body language, confidence, and flirting with ease. When I looked back on my own dating life, and wondered what came naturally to meet that attracted men, I realized the real secret to flirting and meeting men in the real world. The truth is that it's not about looks alone. In fact, there was a study done by researcher Dr. Monica Moore that actually showed there was ...

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