17 11, 2018

How To Trust Again After A Bad Breakup

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"I don't know how you do it," a client recently said to me during one of our sessions. "If I had to hear myself and other women endlessly talk about an ex-boyfriend, I'd roll my eyes and tell them to just get over it." I told her that just getting over it is easier said than done until you're the person going through it. I know this because I've been through all of ...

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24 04, 2018

Will He Ever Come Back To Me Again?

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"The connection was intense. Perhaps the most incredible, passionate connection I've ever had with a guy. Ever. He messaged me every single day and we went on these wonderful dates, talking and flirting for hours. After a while he told me he needed time and wasn't sure what he was feeling. I don't understand. Didn't he feel the connection to? Will he ever come back to me again?" I've heard a version of ...

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30 03, 2018

Enrollment For Crazy Wild Love Academy Closes Tonight

By | 2018-03-21T04:36:42+00:00 30th March 2018|Dating, Relationships, Self-Love|1 Comment

Today is the last day of enrollment and I can't believe it. The past few weeks have just flown by with excitement! Enrollment for Crazy Wild Love Academy closes tonight. Every once in a while, I come across an article so inspiring like the one I recently read titled "The Crossroads of Should and Must". Now, what's the difference? How do you know if you're at the crossroads? "The secret to life is ...

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13 01, 2018

How To Connect With A Man On An Emotional Level And Speak His Language

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Men really do want to connect with a woman emotionally; the challenge is that they just do it differently than women do. Men and women speak a different emotional language based on how their brain’s work and it’s important to understand cues. If you know how a man prefers to communicate and connect, you’ll save yourself a lot of hurt and frustration. That's why I wanted to write about how to connect with ...

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26 12, 2017

5 Mantras When You’re Losing Hope In Finding Love

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One of the main things I hear from clients and those on my email list or in the Facebook group, is that they’re losing hope in dating. They’re full of despair and not sure if they can go on. This breaks my heart, because I know just how hard it is out there. Here are 5 Mantras When You're Losing Hope In Finding Love And I also know that you can get a ...

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27 11, 2017

Join The Crazy Wild Love Giveaway Event!

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Do you see other women in happy and loving relationships and wonder why it hasn’t happened for you?   Do you dream of finding true love with a high quality man? If you sometimes feel like you might not be “good enough,” or the thought of opening your heart up to someone scares you, I have great news! First and foremost, you are good enough and you can find love. And you’re definitely ...

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26 11, 2017

Four Reasons Why You Still Can’t Get Over Your Ex

By | 2018-03-01T16:03:24+00:00 26th November 2017|Dating, Relationships|2 Comments

You knew it would be hard getting over him, but you never realized just how hard this was going to be. Whether he ended it, or you, the reality is that you're not sure you wanted it to end. So here you are, trying to accept the reality of your relationship being over and move on, but that sadness and longing for what could have been deeply lingers, leaving you wondering if you'll ...

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2 11, 2017

The 5 Things You Need To Do For A Relationship To Last

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All of my life I heard that relationships take work. That sounded pretty shitty to me. As a mainly B- student for most of my grade school years, the last thing I wanted was to take on more work. My parents didn’t seem that happy, and ended up divorcing when I was 18, so I formed an idea in my mind that marriage was too hard and typically didn’t work out…at least not ...

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27 10, 2017

If You Think It’s Impossible To Find Love In Your 30s

By | 2018-03-01T16:04:52+00:00 27th October 2017|Dating, Relationships|1 Comment

Most of my clients are women in their 30s who are beginning to think it's impossible to find love. They have thriving social lives, successful careers, and poised demeanor's, but have been to so many bridal and baby showers that they've started to think, "What's wrong with me, will I ever find love?" Then watch this video if you think it's impossible to find love in your 30s. I created a brand new ...

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29 09, 2017

The Reason Why Men Pull Away Right When You’re Most Attracted To Them

By | 2018-03-01T16:04:44+00:00 29th September 2017|Dating, Relationships|1 Comment

A dear reader recently wrote to me who said: Hi Alexis, For the first time in my life I slept with a guy after the second date. We have an awesome time together in conversation and great physical connection, but after 5 dates I feel like he's pulling back. He still texts every day but was texting at least 3x per day. What to do when he pulls back and you really like ...

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