Crazy Wild Love Academy

The Crazy Wild Love Academy is a total lifestyle training that shows you step-by-step how to create more simplicity, ease and enjoyment in your life, body and relationships.

Crazy Wild Love is your new way of taking care of you, your new vision of the kind of life you wish to live, your new community and caring relationships — all grounded in the spirit of self-love. You get lifetime access to this beautifully tailored online program & group coaching taught by Alexis Meads and guest experts.

“I have achieved so many results since working with Alexis in Crazy Wild Love! I feel so much more positive and happy in general. I’ve progressively integrated routines in my life, which I was missing. Every little change seems to have led me to something bigger and better.” – Caroline L., Louisiana


“Because of a friend’s recommendation, I took a leap and joined Alexis’s Crazy Wild Love Academy 0 and, oh my gosh, how glad I am that I did! I had no idea how awesome life could be. Alexis guides you through life-altering practices – from finding new ways to practice self-love to guiding your career moves. She’s well researched, but most importantly – her advice works! I recommend it to all my friends, don’t miss out. – Jessica S., Washington D.C.


“In the last few months since completing Crazy Wild Love, my life has been going great! I feel productive (and when I’m not, I allow myself time to get back on track) and I feel an overall sense of calm and ease. I am thrilled to share that a lovely man I met while doing Crazy Wild Love has become my husband.” – Kiri M., Vancouver

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