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Do you feel like your love life is the one missing piece?

Though you’ve achieved a lot, something feels missing.

You’re ready to have someone to wake up next to, cuddle with, and talk about your days together.

More than anything, you’d love to feel genuine confidence. Women are more drawn to this than anything else.

In my program you can focus on how to:

  • Feel like a Confident Badass
  • Easily attract and set up high-quality dates
  • Set the stage for an exciting fulfilling relationship

… all while feeling more like yourself than ever.



What would your life be like if you felt confident every single day?

How many meaningful connections could you have? How free would you feel if you had the skills to express your authentic self and draw people to you?

What if you didn’t have that nagging self-doubt or overwhelming anxiety controlling your actions?

I help men build lasting self-esteem and powerful mindsets to unlock their inner potential. I teach them how become the man everyone wants to be around.

The man that they most want to be.



“In a sea of Life Coaches, Alexis is quite special.

She’s found an exciting way to empower others so they can share their tremendous value to the world: prepare to be addicted to her positive energy.

I work with many coaches that seem to get in their own way, but Alexis has found a way to break through many of the huge roadblocks in her industry which is quite inspiring.

As a businesswoman, we met as she began her inquiry and curiosity about creating a  business. I was impressed with her attention to ethics, creativity, and a results-based approach. It is no wonder why she is now a sought-after business coach as well!” – A. Peyton, Entrepreneur, Portland


Who is my coaching for?

I work with intelligent, awesome men who’ve just accepted that they want more.

More control over their romantic lives. More confidence to talk to and flirt with beautiful women. More healthy relationships to make them feel worthy and connected. More happiness and success in their life as a whole.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a stronger man. You know that if you become a more assertive, playful, and communicative person — women want that, too. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Why work with me?

After graduating with a Master’s Degree from Harvard University, I started my own Life and Dating Coaching Company to help others build the confidence and relationship skills they were craving.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the years, and was in the top 4% of Results Coaches selected by Tony Robbins to coach his clients. During my time with Tony Robbins organization I coached many men and women on dating and relationships, and getting the results they wanted in their life as a whole.

As a woman who went through years of dating herself, and currently coaches women on dating and relationships all over the world — I can give you a unique feminine perspective that a male coach simply cannot. I’m not looking to give you the best pick-up lines or sleazy tactics, I’ll give you real, honest feedback on what women want, your overall vibe, and a personalized game plan to reach your goals.

My clients want my:

  • Experience. I use my 6+ years as a Coach to figure out exactly what advice and actions are going to achieve your goals in the fastest and most sustainable way possible.
  • Tailored feedback. I provide customized exercises and ongoing insight and advice to make the best of your situations when you need it most.
  • Accountability. I support and motivate you to keep you on track. With new ideas to practice and ongoing email support — you will get the consistency required to build strong, healthy habits.