Private Coaching Is Now Open For Enrollment!

8th January 2018 by Alexis Mead -- Leave a Comment

Thank you so much for your patience as I’ve prepared to open myself up to new private clients around dating and relationships.

I prioritize the progress of my private clients above all other professional obligations, and for that reason, I’m only able to work with a small group at a time in the 6-month ‘Attract Your Soulmate’ program.

This month I’m taking on 5 new private clients.

If you’re struggling with finding true love, emotionally unavailable men, unsuccessful relationships, self-love, heartache, breaking free from limiting patterns and beliefs, and generally at the end of your rope when it comes to dating…

I’m thrilled to invite you to apply for this intensive one-on-one program.

Click here to view the details and book a session.

What we love about our program is that it’s not just focused on the internal headspace (vibe, confidence) OR the external logistics (venues, words).

It’s about both, and the WAY I present the material and hold the coaching sessions makes intuitive sense.

No one is an island.

You may have outsourced other parts of your life, like…

  • hiring someone to clean your home
  • getting food delivered
  • taking an Uber

So why not outsource this part of your life?

This most important, super life-enhancing part?

So you can start enjoying how good it feels to be around high-quality men who are attracted to you, and are genuinely impressed with the amazing woman you are.

Why not?

That’s for you to decide.

If your answer is,

“Alexis, I’m honestly tired of putting this off. I have a higher vision for myself and I’m ready for an amazing man to be part of it. It’s time to handle this!”

Then view the program details and sign up for your Love Breakthrough session.

The choice is yours.



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