the only thing I do for the New Year

Four years ago I would’ve spent my New Year’s Eve very differently.

The obvious is that I didn’t have a two year old then so I probably would’ve been out partying 😉

But aside from that, I would get so caught up in all of the New Year’s hype and the programs promising to take you through 10-steps for your best year yet.

I’d create new vision boards, overhaul my diet and exercise routine, buy a weekly planner and chock-o-block it full of quarterly goals in every area of my life, weekly goals, a theme for the year, and time blocks for my ideal day.

There’s no shortage of New Year’s exercises to do.

I’d be high on the excitement of this organizational flurry!

For about a week…

And then the excitement would wear off.

The goals would feel too snug, like a pair of jeans I’ve held onto since high school.

I’d feel constricted and restricted rather than expansive and free.

So now, I just do one thing to celebrate the upcoming year.

I take out my journal and date it one year from today, so this weekend you would write “December 31, 2019”.

And then I write about all of the wonderful things that have happened that year (in 2019) and how I felt about them.

Of course, these things haven’t actually come to pass yet, but I write as though they have, and I allow myself to fully feel it, letting it be as natural as if I were writing down what I did that morning.

It may sound something like this…

“This year has been so amazing!  My family just left town after the holidays, and I’m curled up by the fire. I can’t believe I finally found my dream apartment to live in when I thought it may never happen. It’s been a long time since I lived on my own, and it’s perfect.

Like, literally perfect for me in every way. Highlights include beautiful white sheepskin rug, velvet navy tufted ottoman next to my floor-to-ceiling window, and honestly every single thing. I really love it here, and the cherry on top is that I met a wonderful man about 6-months ago and things have been moving along so well. We’re even talking about moving in together next year…eek! We’ll see!”

I’ve done this for the past few years now, and it’s amazing what I have seen come to pass.

I don’t cling to the vision and read it every single day.

You can kind of just set it and forget it. You can even throw it out if you want to when you’re finished! Or hold onto it to look over next year.

Typically I never read it again.

But the following year, on New Year’s Eve, I just have this sixth sense that I’ve been here before. That I had written about this very moment, and that life has a funny and magical way of unfolding naturally when we allow it.

Okay, that’s all for today!

Oh wait, one more thing I’m really excited about.

After 6 months, I have openings again in my private coaching program for a handful of new clients. Look out for an email in the next two weeks from me with all the details.

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Wishing you a beautiful Friday. 🙂




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