Are you completely fed up with dating, and ready for the love you deserve?

You’ve seen how hard it is out there.

The endless swiping of left and right leaves you feeling numb. You’ve read all the relationship books, which have left you more confused than ever. And you’re tired of constantly getting your hopes up, only to date the same man over and over.

You’re secretly starting to have doubts that an extraordinary relationship will ever happen for you.

And you’re wondering if the right man for you is even out there. In fact, if he showed up today, at your doorstep, you might freak out and sabotage the whole thing.

I meant you’re a catch! So why does this feel so hard?

I’ve been there, and here’s what I want you to know: extraordinary love is entirely possible for you.

I’ve developed a unique coaching program that I’ve taken hundreds of women over the past 5+ years that has helped them find true happiness and the man of their dreams.

My Coaching Framework

1. Fall In Love With Who You Are

Rejuvenate and fall in love with the amazing woman you know is possible for you to be.

2. Understand What You Need

Figure out what you personally need to thrive in a relationship as you release past hurt.

3. Attract An Amazing Man

Be hopeful and excited about finding love again as you attract an amazing man into your life.

Ready to create your own epic, lasting relationship?

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My coaching is for you if you can relate. . .

“I used to have a ton of confidence in myself and dating was so fun and easy. Now it’s just frustrating and hard…I don’t know what to do!”

“All of my friends are getting married and if someone talks about babies one more time, I’m going to scream! I thought I would’ve found someone by now.”

“I’m losing faith in love. I want to meet ‘The One’ but there seems to be no good guys left and I don’t want to settle. I want the RIGHT man who adores me, and nothing less. ”

“I’m a total catch! So what the fuck? I need to figure out what is truly blocking me from love ASAP.”

If you relate, let me take you here. . .

“I absolutely love myself and my life! I feel irresistible, know the value I bring, and am confident I’ll attract the right man.”

“I’ve closed the door on past relationship pain and can truly say that I am now 100% open to love, and know where to where to find it.”

“I understand my patterns and what I really need from a relationship. I am no longer willing to compromise myself or my standards.”

“I’ve found love and can’t believe how quickly it happened!”

Carolina Lousiana

“I’ve integrated routines into my life, learning that it’s okay to take care of myself, feel beautiful, and have me time without guilt! Every little change has led me to something bigger and better and I married the love of my life.”

-Caroline L., Louisiana


This program is your access to becoming the kind of woman that finds and keeps a high-quality man:

She has unshakable confidence and inner self-worth.

She feels desirable and knows that she is the prize, versus hoping a man will ‘choose’ her.

She knows how to fill up her own cup first and loves her life, knowing that having the right man in her life will be the cherry on top.

She knows how to appreciate a man for who he is, while allowing herself to be authentic and vulnerable with him and receive love whole-heartedly.

Ready to create your own epic, lasting relationship?

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“I started coaching with Alexis and it has been life-changing! I instantly felt a connection with her as we worked through some insecurities I had with dating after going through a bad breakup. I am now getting married to an amazing man!”

-Samanthal M., Boston

Samatha Boston

There are

4 things a woman needs to create lasting love

and you get all of them in this program:

 1:1 Coaching Sessions

This is the core of the program. We’ll meet for three 45-minute sessions per month via phone or Skype to discuss questions, challenges, and progress. These calls will help you stay in a higher vibration of love so that attracting him in will be so much easier. If you’re in the Portland area, you can exchange a coaching session for a Reiki session.

Email and Text Support

You know, because sometimes a situation comes up at 10 pm with nothing but your laptop for refuge. Regular email and text message support keeps you connected to me when you need it most. I’ll keep you from spinning out in fear and connected to your heart. This access is really priceless.

Training Modules & Group Coaching

You’ll get the opportunity to join Crazy Wild Love Academy curriculum on a beautiful dashboard on our site and The Dating Cocktail Lounge. This is a 7-week mastermind where you’ll receive assignments and an online community alongside your coaching sisters.

 Online Dating Profile Review

Online dating isn’t right for everyone, but if we decide that it may be right for you, or you want to attract more quality men online, I’ll do a complimentary review of your profile. Clients who have undergone a profile reviews have doubled their high-quality matches.

3 or 6-month commitment

You have a great mind and even bigger heart. You have it all together in so many areas of your life, so why should this one be so hard?

You deserve to be fully supported on your journey to passionate, lasting love, and I’m here to make sure that your desire to attract this relationship comes true.

If your current way of dating and finding love isn’t working for you and you desperately want to find an amazing man to start your life together with, a new way of thinking and being could change your relationship status permanently. I’ve coached hundreds of women from around the world on successfully finding love, and can help you, too.

Click the button below to reserve your free 30-minute Love Breakthrough session. I’ll guide you through one of my most powerful processes, offer guidance, and we’ll decide if this program is a good fit for you.

Ready to create your own epic, lasting relationship?

If you’re curious about working with me, sign up for the wait list below to get information about my upcoming coaching programs.

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