Swipe left if you’re looking for casual dating advice. If you’re on your last straw and want that ultimate relationship…then read on.

I know how hard it is out there. Tinder, texting, men going MIA, friends with benefits, lack of commitment – all of it just seems to be going horribly wrong.

But if there’s one thing I learned from coaching single women on dating and relationships for the past five years, it’s that people still want love more than ever, and it is entirely possible for you.

That’s why I developed a unique coaching program that has helped women all over the world find true happiness and the man of their dreams.

  Alexis Meads Dating Coaching  

Coaching Is For People Who Relate To The Following Statements…

“I used to have a ton of confidence in myself and dating was so fun and easy. Now it’s just frustrating and hard…I don’t know what to do!”

“All my friends are getting married and if someone talks about babies one more time, I’m going to scream! I thought I would’ve found someone by now.”

“I’m losing faith in love. My relationships aren’t fulfilling in general and I’m lonely. I want to meet ‘The One’ but there seems to be no good guys left.”

“I’m a total catch! So what the fuck? I need to figure out what is truly blocking me from love ASAP.”


If You Relate, Let Me Take You Here…

“I absolutely love myself and my life! I know the value I bring and am confident I’ll attract the right man.”

“I’ve closed the door on past relationship baggage and can truly say that I am now open to love, and know where to find it.”

“I understand my patterns and what I really need from a relationship. I am no longer willing to compromise myself or my standards.”

“I’ve found the love of my life and can’t believe how quickly it happened!”

“For my entire life I’ve spent my time comparing, measuring, wanting to get better so I can prove myself to other people. It was a never ending circle as I resorted to self-help books, counselors, online wellness experts, you name it. Alexis has an unbelievably warm and open manner that immediately helped me to open up and uncover the long-standing issue I have had with a lack of self-love and acceptance. She helped me to connect the dots and let go of false beliefs. I have grown more compassionate and loving towards myself which has helped my relationship and made me a happier person.” – Lisel V., Hong Kong
“Put simply, Alexis changed the direction of my life. Jaded from a string of bad relationships and an over-demanding career, I carried that negativity and wondered if Alexis would give me that change I so badly needed. With easy to follow steps, Alexis helped me to put my goals down on paper and, after 3 months, I could see that my dreams were attainable long-term goals that were absolutely going to come to fruition. She taught me that when you learn to love yourself everything falls into place and it really, really did.” – Cheryl Joanne, Vancouver
“I started coaching with Alexis and it has been life-changing! I instantly felt a connection with her as we worked through some insecurities I had with dating after going through a bad breakup. I am now getting married to an amazing man! If you are feeling lost and unsure of where you are going in life, Alexis will get you back on track and feeling great.” – Samantha M., Boston, MA


“When I started working with Alexis I had lost all confidence in myself, my body, my relationship and my work. I was anxiety ridden and on the verge of losing my relationship. Alexis helped me to see my worth and realize the strength I had within. I was able to be more vocal about my needs which made a huge difference with my partner. I now have more confidence in my relationship and am able to focus more on myself. I can finally see my worth and truly believe it!” – Nicole K., Vancouver

So here’s the deal…

If your current way of dating isn’t working for you and you desperately want to find an amazing guy to start your life together with, a new way of thinking and being could change your relationship status permanently. Trust in me until you’re able to trust yourself. Let me believe in you until you’re able to believe in yourself. I’ve coached hundreds of women from around the world, work with Tony Robbins clients, and can help you, too.

It’s time for you to break free from attracting the wrong guys and learn how to find your ultimate relationship. Sign up below to learn more.




My practice is currently full until January, but you may contact support@alexismeads.com if you have any questions or would like to set up a complimentary consultation and be added to the wait list.