Hi! I'm Alexis. It's nice to meet you.

I am here to help you find the loving relationship you truly desire and deserve.

I work with women who are fed up with dating. They don’t understand why dating has become so hard and frustrating when it used to be so fun and easy in their early 20s. They’re beginning to lose faith in love and wondering if it will ever happen for them, as they see all their friends beginning to get married.

They ask themselves, “What’s wrong with me?” and “Are there any good guys left?”

Well, love, there is nothing wrong with you and yes, there are many amazing guys out there waiting for you.

However, you’re not going to find them doing things the way you’ve always done them. Dating is changing, and it’s up to you to do the work and create the relationship you really want.

I help women to discover who they really are, what hasn’t been working in the past, what they actually need from a relationship, and how to attract that perfect man.


Allow Me To Introduce Myself

When I was in my 20s I had my first self-love breakthrough. After graduating from college I moved to a new city, got my first real job, and broke up with a long-term boyfriend thinking I was onto “bigger and better” things.

I looked for self-worth through dating, working, and staying constantly busy. I kept thinking that if I just found the right guy, then I’d be happy.

Somewhere along the way I got burnt out. I realized that no matter how many dates I went on none of the relationships seemed to be “the one”. And to be honest, I hadn’t gotten over my first love. I was undervaluing myself and not acting from the place of self-love I needed to be.

I had lost the confidence and care-free feeling I used to have and I no longer really knew what I wanted.

After some soul searching I enrolled in and successfully completed a graduate program at Harvard University, practiced deep self-love, and figured out what the f-ck I even wanted with my life and with another human being.

In a shorter time than expected, everything fell into place. In a few months I met my amazing husband Peter and we got married in the Greek Islands. We have a 2 year old son (who’s awesome, but I’m biased), named Kai.

I am a Dating Expert and Results Coach for women looking for love. I founded the Crazy Wild Love Academy, coach Tony Robbins clients, and regularly write for Huffington Post, Maria Shriver, Thought Catalog and others.

I am committed to helping you find your personal love story and lasting happiness.



“Alexis has given me the tools I needed to realize that I am enough and be comfortable in my own skin. We worked through some insecurities I had with dating, she helped me to get over my past relationship which was emotionally abusive, and I am now getting married to an amazing man!” – Samantha M., Boston
“Put simply, Alexis changed the direction of my life. With easy to follow steps, Alexis helped me to put my goals down on paper and, after 3 months, I could see that my dreams were attainable long-term goals that were absolutely going to come to fruition. I practiced greater self-love and developed a stronger social network while dating.” – Cheryl Joanne, Vancouver

If you relate to any of these four statements, I can help:

“I used to have a ton of confidence in myself and dating was so fun and easy. Now it’s just frustrating and hard…I don’t know what to do!”

“All my friends are getting married and if someone talks about babies one more time, I’m going to scream! I thought I would’ve found someone by now.”

“I’m losing faith in love. My relationships aren’t fulfilling in general and I’m lonely. I want to meet ‘The One’ but there seems to be no good guys left.”

“I’m a total catch! So what the fuck? I need to figure out what is truly blocking me from love ASAP.”



“For once I’m hearing the inner voice of self-love speak to me, and I’ve never had more self-awareness as I do now. I am able to catch any unhealthy habits before they become a problem. My relationships were a total mess and I couldn’t find the loving relationship I was looking for. Alexis helped me turn that around and I am so happy now!” – Ava R., Florida
“I wanted to control every situation and make stuff happen ASAP. I was going on dates but nothing seemed to click. I wasn’t sure what I really wanted in a relationship and if I was ready to commit. Alexis helped me to surrender to life and as I learned to trust more all I ever wanted started to happen. ” – Selene R., Los Angeles

The Professional Bio:

Alexis Meads Krilla is a Harvard University educated Personal Results Coach. Alexis received her coaching certification from Coach U and created AlexisMeads.com and the Crazy Wild Love Academy. Since 2012, she has coached hundreds of clients from all over the world, is a Peak Performance Results Coach with Tony Robbins company, was nominated by Expertise.com as one of the Top 19 Life Coaches in Portland, got selected by Feedspot as #29 of the Top 100 Life Coach Blogs Worldwide, and is regularly featured in Huffington Post, Maria Shriver.com, Thought Catalog, and other publications. She is known for her authenticity, positive attitude, and inspiration.

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