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When you enter your name and email you’ll receive all the juicy details to win the GRAND prize of a FULL free lifetime scholarship into the Crazy Wild Love Academy ($497 value) PLUS a Classic Red Longchamp tote bag.

I have designed my Crazy Wild Love Holiday Challenge to launch you into a life long practice of self-love.

Everyday, you’ll receive little prompts, pep-talks, affirmations and inspiration to fill your day with calm, love, and joy with the support of the Crazy Wild Love community.

Enjoying the little things is what can help launch you into a dazzling and luminous life.

Because it’s the people who take the time to enjoy their lives that get to…well…enjoy their life.

I also know that ESPECIALLY around the holidays we don’t take the time for ourselves. But here’s the thing, the more we remember to give to ourselves, the more we have to offer those we love.
This is why I’ve created the #cwlchallenge to motivate you in launching the love and life you desire while having a blast doing it. Here are some of the highlights from last year:

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 9.23.24 AM

Think buying flowers, looking fabulous, having time to yourself….ahhh big warm fuzzies inside.

The challenge starts December 1st.

I cannot wait to see all your amazing pictures! Thanks for making my life better each day.


Hugs and Christmas Cookies,

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