Alexis Meads eBook “I want to have it all, but sometimes I don’t even know what that means.   I just want to feel happy.” 


Sound familiar? If you have big dreams but don’t know how to accomplish them, then I’m glad to meet you.


I’m Alexis and this is my Recipe to Loving Yourself and Your Life.  Your own personal roadmap to self-love for creating an amazing relationship, fit body and a life that is fueled by fun and purpose. This is the perfect free digital book if you’re interested in books on personal development!


In here you’ll learn my secret sauce to loving yourself and building an awesome life to boot.  Plus healthy, delicious recipes and action steps straight from my Crazy, Wild, Love Signature Program.

What You’ll Learn…

    • 3 Simple Steps to creating a healthy, fit body
    • How to clear out the clutter
    • Have a date night…for yourself
    • Why don’t you feel happier?
    • Tips and tools to be more positive every day
    • How and why you need to stop judging yourself and others
    • What is FOMO and how to overcome it
    • How to design your ideal life
    • Why inner beauty is reflected on the outside and crucial to happiness
    • How to stay inspired and get support
    • Super sexy recipes
    • Self-loooovveee

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