You Have to Love Yourself First Before You Can Be In A Loving Relationship: Is It Bullsh-t?

The Every Girl

I talk a lot about self-love in this blog and community, and a question I get asked often is, “do I have to love myself before I can be in a loving relationship?” I have had clients who are incredibly self-aware, working on self-love, feeling doubtful that they’ll ever enter in to the loving relationship…

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Simple Tools to Use for Love and Relationships with Best Selling Author Alan Fox

Simple Tools for Love and Relationships with Alan Fox

Phew, what a whirlwind this past two weeks have been! My husband and I just relocated from Boston, MA to Portland, OR after packing up our apartment, finding a new home and getting our two large dogs on a plane. At 33 weeks pregnant. While I was flying somewhere over Michigan and flipping through the…

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