Art Of Flirting: How To Easily Get A Man To Approach You

7th March 2018 by Alexis Mead -- Leave a Comment

Yesterday was in the low 60’s here in Portland and finally SUNNY…I was lovin’ it!

I was especially excited because it was my first Y7 Yoga class at the Nike headquarters.

My husband works at Nike and they just opened a new yoga studio that has only been offered so far in NYC and LA. It’s sweat dripping, beat bumping, candlelit yoga.

I finished up a call with a client and literally sprinted there to make it on time, so I was already sweat dripping before the class even began 😉

The client I was speaking with told me how unhappy she is with her body and the way she looks.

She fears she’ll never be in the relationship she wants because she doubts that a man would find her attractive.

I shared with her a study done by researcher Dr. Monica Moore that actually showed there was NO correlation between physical attractiveness of a woman and how often she was approached by men.

She even proved that “unattractive” women with the right body language were approached more often than attractive women who did not signal correctly.

Pretty fascinating, right?

The majority of flirting and having a guy pursue you is not about looks but about our nonverbal cues and energy of attraction.

Even if you meet a man online, the only want to win his heart is through connection in person.

So I put together a guide for you with my BEST tips on The Art Of Flirting, and today is the last day I’m having it available for download.

Get your free copy of the guide here and share with friends!

Coming from someone who was very shy in high school and didn’t really date, I know that this is a skill that can be learned.

It’s not about attracting in tons of men but attracting the RIGHT one.

Have fun with it!


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