The best gratitude practices I know

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Gratitude changes everything.

I mean…everything. It really does.
Sometimes I try to force it, and it just isn’t happening. Sometimes it sneaks up on me in a moment left vulnerable.
When I am curled up in my favorite blue chair with a flannel blanket on my lap, have dinner cooking on the stove, the Norah Jones Pandora station on the radio and candles lit all around me.

And I just breathe…

Breathe and smile. What more could I possibly need in my life?
Those are the moments that gratitude truly sinks in. That it is more than a feeling, but a knowing deep in your bones. That everything is alright. Or that if it isn’t alright now, it will be.
So on Thanksgiving day, I want to share with you two of my favorite gratitude practices.
The first is a meditation by Tony Robbins called “the Emotional Flood exercise”.
My husband and I recently went to see Tony Robbins speak, as a wedding gift from our dear friend Reema.
We did this exercise amongst 6,000 people and boy, was it powerful.
So take 5 minutes and try this at home. Get cozy, light a candle and open your heart.

The second exercise I found recently through Marie Forleo’s blog. She has a scientifically backed experiment where they asked one group to list out all the things they’re grateful for each night. The other group was asked to write just one thing they’re grateful for, but to think of 5 reasons why you’re grateful for it.
I’m sure you probably guessed it…the group who was asked to write out 5 reasons why they’re grateful for one thing in their life felt happier on a daily basis.

Here’s my list of why I’m so grateful for my husband Peter:

  1. I’m grateful that Peter brings me hot tea or lemon water in bed almost every morning, and doesn’t mind when I sleep in a little later than him.
  2. I love that he is so thoughtful and will always make my birthday feel special, or do something sweet just because it’s a random Tuesday.
  3. He always has fun no matter what we do, and doesn’t mind going out even if it’s just with all my girlfriends. He’s given my friends countless dating advice over the years.
  4. He’s a great hugger.
  5. He can’t really cook but he makes a great ‘specialty breakfast’ of waffles with a sunny side up egg on top when I’m not feeling well.


So there ya have it!
In the comments on the blog, let me know, what are you feeling grateful for in your life today?


With so much gratitude,

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Gratitude and Hearts in my Chai Tea Latte


This is a BIG week.

I also am hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the second year in a row and cooking everything myself! I love, love, love this. Getting the house decorated, pouring myself a glass of wine, putting on my favorite Pandora station and getting to work.
After some extensive turkey research last year, I learned that like many things in life, less is more. Head over to The New York Times to get this awesome recipe. My husband’s 70 year old mother said it was the best turkey she’s EVER HAD. They have tons of other great recipes in there too.
Today, though, I’m serving up some food for thought in gratitude and quality of life.
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for two reasons: the awesome food + the fact that you look around and enjoy all the blessings in your world.
Right now, in this moment, I am thankful for all of you. All of my friends, family and soon-to-be friends who are reading this. I am thankful for the words of encouragement that you share with me and with our community. One day, I hope to have us all together in celebration, free to be our most loving and beautiful selves. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?
Until that day, I want you to think about how you can create the most fabulous quality of life. What needs to change? What small thing can you do each day?


I have a practice of doing something simple each day because it makes me happy. From slowly sipping chai tea, to buying myself fresh flowers, to taking my dogs out for a walk, which is what the Free Crazy Wild Love Holiday Challenge is all about. We’re starting 12/1, so if you haven’t signed up yet, get on over here and join in!


Above is a photo of a chai latte I ordered with a heart made in the foam. It was almost too beautiful to drink.

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I know a few of you out there have wanted to work with me for awhile. If you know in your heart it’s a yes, now’s your time to take advantage of my best offer of the year.

Peace and Gratitude,
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The Best Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe Ever

the best thanksgiving turkey recipe ever

Last year I stepped it up and hosted Thanksgiving dinner at my house for the first time.

I was a lot less prepared than I am this year, but nonetheless my Thanksgiving turkey was absolutely
I’m talking finger licking good.
My husband’s mom is 70 years old and said it was the best turkey she’s EVER had!
But I can’t take all the credit, my dad sent me the New York Times Essential Thanksgiving guide which is where I got the original recipe. Head over to their site and follow the “Simple Roast Turkey” recipe. Make sure you give yourself 1-3 days in advance to prepare, as this turkey needs to sit in a dry brine in the fridge for a few days.
It was so easy to make and a total crowd pleaser. Can’t wait to do it again this year!


Peace and perfect turkeys,

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P.S. If you haven’t signed up for my FREE Crazy Wild Love Holiday Challenge yet? Get on over their, girl!

Let’s get this party started with the Crazy Wild Love Holiday Challenge!

challenge5 big

The Crazy Wild Love Holiday Challenge is back and better than ever!

Before I dive in with all the juicy details, I’m going to share with you a delightful story about how the little things have made a big difference in my life and those I love.
I started my journey in self-love when I was 25 years old. I was burnt out from grad school at Harvard, a broken heart, string of bad relationships and treating my body like garbage with too much alcohol and food. I felt slightly broken, exhausted, dis-empowered and just being taken along for the ride.
So I made a conscious decision to move to Hawaii for four months and work on a farm in exchange for a place to sleep and $50 a week for food.
I was terrified. But it was something I had to do, and it launched me into a lifelong practice of self-love.
I didn’t have to answer to or feel obligated to anyone. If I wanted to spend an entire weekend reading I would do it. My days had a flow and ease to them, and I also learned the value of hard work. I woke up at 5:30 am to dance, do yoga or write in my journal before tackling the days chores. I nourished my body with wholesome foods. I tried new things like hitch hiking, snorkeling, drum circles (my inner hippie) and camping under the stars. I learned how to say no and when to say YES. I learned to love myself and let go of past love and heartache. Most importantly I learned that I could create my life with intention and joy.

Now let me tell you how the little things have made a difference from the people I love…

When I was a kid, my mom used to leave notes hidden around the house for me. She had a stack of cards that said fun things and she’d always sign them “xoxo mama”.
I’d find one in my violin case, in my lunch box, on my pillow. It was a game between the two of us that reminded me in small ways on a daily basis that I was loved.
happy playing

I’m also lucky enough to be married to a man who knows the value of showing our love for each other consistently.

When he was on a business trip, he sent me a postcard with our picture on the front and the story of our relationship on the back. “It all started with a cold ride on a motorcycle, a glass of wine and takeout Chinese food…” (more on that in another post).
“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.” – Jon Kabat Zinn. Tweet it!
I find it equally important and beneficial to give ourselves a little token of love each day.
I also know that, especially women, we tend to put ourselves last. And during the holiday season we can particularly feel stressed-out, burnt-out and spinning out of control.

This is why I’ve created a fun and easy way to help you spend some time this holiday season creating the most joyous, luminous life you can imagine.

Starting on December 1st, I’m hosting my annual Crazy Wild Love Holiday Challenge and it’s completely free. We had an amazing turnout last year for the challenge, some women even said that it launched them into a lifetime practice of self-love.
While we may not have 4 months in Hawaii, we can spend 14 days together creating our lives with intention and joy.
Everyday, you’ll receive little prompts, pep-talks, affirmations and inspiration to fill your day with calm, love, and joy with the support of the Crazy Wild Love community.
Think gifting yourself things like fresh flowers, sitting quietly for 10 minutes or going for a long walk (yes, even if it’s cold!).

Because self-love isn’t about being selfish. It’s about giving ourselves enough love and energy that we are literally bursting with it so that everyone and everything around us will benefit.

With the framework of the challenge and the amazing community we have, you can’t help but make sustainable change.
Because those people who take time to enjoy their lives get…well….to enjoy their life. 
You can sign up here.
You may be wondering why I’d take this on during such a crazy time of the year? Well, because I’m a little crazy ;) And I want to thank you for always making Crazy Wild Love so special to me.
Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I’m cooking the WHOLE meal for the 2nd time in a row. It turned out awesome last year so wish me luck and stay tuned for the recipes I’ll post on the blog in case you’d like to incorporate them into your own Thanksgiving meal!
I’d love to have you join us. Make sure you sign up now for free and tell your friends to come along. You can save the above picture to share and send them to:


Hugs and holiday fun,

P.S. I almost forgot the most exciting part! The winner of the #cwlchallenge gets a FULL free lifetime scholarship to the Crazy Wild Love Academy ($497 value).