Best Songs to Listen to While You Work

Best Songs to Listen to While You Work Alexis Meads

I’ve always thought of myself as someone who needs silence to focus while I work. But I’ve actually found that I do better when I turn on some fun, upbeat, casual music in the background. If I’m responding to emails, creating new graphics or updating social media, having the music on keeps me going. It’s…

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Real Simple Chicken Posole Soup

Real SImple Chicken Posole Soup | Alexis Meads

This real simple chicken posole soup is one of my favorites for entertaining guests or making a quick weekday supper. It’s delicious topped with avocado, fresh cheese, cilantro, lime wedges and tortilla strips. My husband and I made this the other night when we had a store bought rotisserie chicken. This makes the soup especially…

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Delicious Date and Almond Energy Bites

date and almond energy bites

I made these for the first time because we were trying to find a good replacement for the protein bars my husband was constantly eating. As a competitive athlete he wants to make sure he’s getting enough energy throughout the day, so he’s always bought pre-packaged energy bars. The marketing on them is great, but…

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What Pregnancy Is Teaching Me About Self-Love

what pregnancy is teaching me about self love alexis meads

I almost feel guilty for saying it, but I haven’t really enjoyed being pregnant yet. It’s brought on a lot of anxiety, my first trimester was plagued with morning sickness, and I barely had the energy to put decent clothes on let alone write a new blog post. While I’m grateful for the blessing of…

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Why Bother to Commit?

Alexis Meads got married 4

About a month ago, my husband read an article to me in bed about why fewer and fewer women are choosing to get married. The general hypothesis was that marriage simple wasn’t as good of a “deal” as it used to be. A few reasons they mentioned included that women are earning more and can…

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