Delicious Date and Almond Energy Bites

date and almond energy bites

I made these for the first time because we were trying to find a good replacement for the protein bars my husband was constantly eating. As a competitive athlete he wants to make sure he’s getting enough energy throughout the day, so he’s always bought pre-packaged energy bars. The marketing on them is great, but…

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What Pregnancy Is Teaching Me About Self-Love

what pregnancy is teaching me about self love alexis meads

Tomorrow marks 17 weeks pregnant for me! And next week, I’ll be finding out the gender of our little one. If you have any guesses, write them in the comments below and stay tuned! Honestly, I never thought I’d get to this point for two reasons. The first being that after a miscarriage this past…

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Why Bother to Commit?

Alexis Meads got married 4

About a month ago, my husband read an article to me in bed about why fewer and fewer women are choosing to get married. The general hypothesis was that marriage simple wasn’t as good of a “deal” as it used to be. A few reasons they mentioned included that women are earning more and can…

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5 Ways To Step Into Spring!

5 Ways to Step Into Spring

I saw my first crocus yesterday, which means spring has sprung! When I first found out we were moving back to Boston from the west coast, I have to admit, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about the idea of bitter cold winters. And, indeed, this winter proved to be just that. Of course, the first few…

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How to Be More Outgoing and Confident

how to grow your confidence alexis meads 1

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve shot a video so I’m excited to have some more coming out on a consistent basis! This video was inspired by a fellow coach interviewing me with just one question: What has been the single most important factor you believe has helped you create the confidence…

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Back to Greece Morning Smoothie

back to greece smoothie alexis meads

I miss being in Greece so much! Can you tell? One of my absolute favorite things about it were the long, easy-breezy meals with casual fare. The ingredients were simple but all so fresh and delicious that you didn’t want to add anything else to them. I remember the long lunches sitting around a large,…

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My Personal Love Story

My Personal Love Story  Alexis Meads

Since last week we were talking about Soul Level Love, I realized that I’ve never told the full story of how I met my husband. My full love story (or love journey, I should say) truly started back when I was 18 and met my first love in college. After four years of on-and-off, we…

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Are You Letting Others Hold You Back?

Are you letting others hold you back Life Coach Alexis Meads

I had a great conversation the other week with one of my clients and asked her what brings joy to her life. What really makes her light up and feel awesome? I asked this because one of her goals was to feel happier on a more consistent basis. She told me that something she really…

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Baby on Board! And What that Means for You…

Baby on board 2

My dear friends, it is with much excitement that I’m announcing to you that we’re having a baby! In September, I wrote an intimate post about going through a miscarriage. At first, all I wanted was to get my body back and feel healthy again. But as the months went on, I was getting ready…

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