The Best Songs to Cook To and Dance Like Crazy In the Kitchen

Songs for Cooking up a Storm and Dancing in the Kitchen from AlexisMeads on 8tracks Radio.

One of my favorite things in the world is whipping up a favorite meal in my kitchen.

It’s a lot of fun, especially when you have some great music on in the background and a glass of wine in hand. These are the best songs to cook to.
I’ve played this playlist many times while cooking and dancing in the kitchen. Sometimes my husband will even come join in.
It’s a mix of sultry, savory and soulful – just they way  I like to cook!
Give it a listen and hit share if you enjoy it.
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The Crossroads of Should and Must (Plus Last Day to Enroll!)

The Crossroads of Should and Must

Today is the last day of enrollment and I can’t believe it.

The past few weeks have just flown by with excitement!
Every once in a while, I come across an article so profound, so mind-shifting that I just have to share it with you.
So today, before I close the doors to the Academy for good, I want to share the Crossroads of Should and Must.

Tony Robbins had said that the secret to life is raising your standards, to turn your shoulds into musts.

Now, what’s the difference? How do you know if you’re at the crossroads?
Well, I’ll tell you how I know.
Should makes me feel guilty. It leaves a tightness in my chest and a pit in my stomach. It feels like I’m being “bad” in some way, like a slap on the wrist. And if I don’t do what I “should” do — oh, the self-loathing that follows!
Must, on the other hand, feels exciting. It feels rebellious and invigorating.
Should leaves you feeling constricted. Must is expansive. Should is easy. Must is terrifying. Should leads to self-loathing. Must leads to self-congratulting.

It lights up my soul and opens my heart.

It makes me feel both light and powerful. In must, I know that…
“I am the master of my fate / I am the captain of my soul”

– William Henley’s “Invictus”
So on this last day of Academy enrollment, I’m not going to try to prove anything to you. By now you know if you want to join.
You know what I’m all about and what Crazy Wild Love stands for.
If it’s a should for you, then I invite you to take time for reflection and see what you really want. I really believe in the power of this program, but if it’s not for you, then I want you to find what is.

If it’s a MUST…well then…welcome, sister! We can’t wait to have you.

During the initial workshop, I’ll invite you to set an intention for what you’re going to focus on during our time together. Because I can promise you, if you play full out, things will begin to shift in your life.
You can enroll on this page:
The doors close tonight so it’s now or never :) I hope to personally welcome you with open arms into our members-only group!

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Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary

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There are two different voices battling inside of me.

I’ve realized this as I’ve been reading the novel Traveling with Pomegranates, which my mom sent me as a gift.
The book explores the sacred and challenging relationship that can exist between mother and daughter.
The mother and daughter in this real life story travel to Athens where they learn about ancient Greek history and traditions. There are goddesses who rules over pretty much everything. There is a goddess of ambition as well as a goddess of dwelling with a sense of ease. The mother in the book realizes that these two goddesses have been at play inside of her, sometimes at odds with one another.

I caught a glimpse of myself within this story. A glimpse that made me both a twinge sad and somewhat confused.

My own mother represents the latter goddess very well. She’s had a fulfilling career as a teacher but my prominent memories of her are at home. How happy she is “poking around the garden,” or rolling out dough to make a blueberry pie, or just sitting in the sun room reading a magazine.
She has an ease with herself and her life.
As a child, this is who I was.
My life felt the most full when I was helping in the garden, tending to my animals, sitting on the wooden porch chair with my eyelids closed to the sun, and enjoying bagels with fresh tomato on Sunday mornings.

But now I have another voice raging inside of me. The voice of ambition.

The voice that is driving me to be more and do more. Telling me to push myself harder and not to settle.
I have to stop and ask myself, “When did this voice take over? And why?”

When did I stop allowing myself to live with ease? When did I think that I wasn’t enough as I am?

Now, I think that in many ways this voice has served me. I have a gift to share, as we all do, and it’s helped me to get outside of my comfort zone long enough to spread my wings.

But I also know that our society rewards productivity and achievement. Many of us have plenty of that, but has it come at a cost?
The desire to excel breeds hurriedness.
And one thing I know is that in my journey to share more, write more, enjoying more and love more, I don’t want to rush.
I want to tap back into that sensitive little girl with the wild curls who could sit for hours on the porch swing just petting her cat and enjoying the sun on her face (here is a picture of me with my mother).

In other words, I want to find the eternal inside the ordinary moment.

The other day, I had a call with my client. We’ve been talking about bringing joy into everyday life. She said that she couldn’t wait to tell me how the other night she had sat quietly with a glass of wine and savored her dinner. How she noticed the color and taste of everything in a way she doesn’t normally notice, and felt a profound gratitude for life.
We’ve all known these moments. And the beautiful thing is that you don’t need a lot of time to find the eternal in a common moment.

It is always available to you.

Enrollment to the Crazy Wild Love Academy is open for just a few more days. I’ll be closing the doors on the 23rd, as in 2 days from now! I can’t believe how fast time is flying.
I’d love for you to join us in our quest to make the ordinary, extraordinary.



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P.S. Thank you for being part of my community and my world. You have no idea how much that means to me. 2015 is ALL about teaching you really valuable skills that you can use to get unstuck, be productive, make money, wake up every morning with energy and rock your life.



Messages of Self-Love

self-love alexis meads

One of my lovely and talented friends Reema Zaman drew this hummingbird with nothing but pencil and paper.

I wanted to share with you a little love note by her about self-love.
“I love learning to draw something new. This little guy was today’s discover and took about an hour. I’m really enjoying working in pencil.

How I love the weekend. Monday through Friday is for my job. The weekend is for my work. My own little world of words and pictures. Writing and drawing helped me get over my anorexia. I was anorexic for about 12 years. I controlled every bite and worked out for hours on end. Discipline has never been difficult for me. If anything, it comes to me a bit too well, and tips me into overdrive. I can numb out fatigue and hunger without qualm.

My anorexia and over exercising would grow to their worst when I was inside a chaotic or unstable environment. Which was the norm for most of my life, until rather recently. I would use my habits to feel calm and controlled. They were my comfort methods that also gave me a sense of structure, accomplishment, and worthiness.

When releasing unhealthy habits, the original mechanisms must be replaced with something healthy.

Otherwise you have a vacuum. You feel a different desperation, for it is natural and healthy to want to feel comforted and safe. I realized that the more I wrote and the more art I created, the better I felt. It was simple. Creating beautiful things with my mind and my hands made me feel beautiful, in a grounded, quiet, authentic way. As each paragraph or image took shape, I saw my self worth reflected in front of me.

How simple and fascinating and innocent we are … We just need to feel like we are enough, don’t we?

I hope you have found those pastimes that remind you of your true worth and beauty. It could be volunteer work, cooking for your loved ones, or it could be self-motivated pastimes like mine. Find your hidden gifts. Allow them to remind you that you are actually, a gift as well.”

self-love alexis meads

Each one of us has reserves of talent that are overlooked.

It is effortless to. We devote our time, rightfully, to work that pays the bills. But sometimes, we devote our time to situations that are less than necessary, beneficial, or logical. Those paths and people who stunt our promise.
You may be one of those people for yourself – a voice in your mind that keeps undermining your possibilities.

Do not diminish your magic. Fight for it. (Tweet it!)

Examine, explore, expand, learn from it. This is self love, the true kind that enlivens you and makes you all that more present and authentic for others. Remember how remarkable you are and I will keep reminding you lest you forget.”

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P.S. In the comments, let us know, what does self-love mean to you and your life?