Let’s face it: you miss that carefree and confident girl you used to be.

You remember a time when things seemed easy breezy. When you had “pee-your-pants” belly laughs and you took life by the horns. Somewhere along the way, you lost some of that confidence and sparkle.

I know how it feels. Without a clear plan and support it’s easy to get frustrated, feel ‘not good enough’, people please, or compare to everybody else (of course feeling like crap) while inside your inner mean girl is screaming at you.

But girl, it’s time to make a change, because you deserve to fully love yourself and enjoy your life.

I know you’re here because you’re tired of living from a place of fear and deep down you know that keeping yourself small and stuck isn’t serving anyone. That’s why I developed a unique coaching program that has helped hundreds of women banish self-doubt as they embrace courage and find true happiness through self-love.

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Create A Vision

I’ll guide you through creating a vision for your life and setting clear goals that inspire.

Embrace Self-Love

Heal and shift your energy as you practice self-love and master emotional well-being.

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Live A Remarkable Life

Extend self-love into your life as you create new habits, improve relationships, achieve goals.

Success Stories

Homepage Testimonial 1

Homepage Testimonial 1

“Since beginning my work with Alexis, I am now solidly on the road to becoming the person I want to be.” Susan M., New York

Homepage Testimonial 3

Homepage Testimonial 3

“I was at a point in my life where I needed to make an important career decision. Alexis helped me learn to surrender to life, and in time, it all worked out perfectly” … Selene R. California

Homepage Testimonial 2

Homepage Testimonial 2

“Alexis helped me to uncover the long-standing issue I had with lack of self-love and acceptance. I now feel more positive and live life with gratitude.” – Lisel V. Hong Kong

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  Do you ever feel like your life is on hold? Like you’re waiting to feel more confident, courageous, or full of self-love before going after your desires? And that when you have… the confidence then you will start the business you want to start. the courage then you will say “no” to things you...

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The Every Girl

I talk a lot about self-love in this blog and community, and a question I get asked often is, “do I have to love myself before I can be in a loving relationship?” I have had clients who are incredibly self-aware, working on self-love, feeling doubtful that they’ll ever enter in to the loving relationship...

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