25 10, 2017

8 Strong Signs That He Definitely Likes You

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I can still remember laying on my childhood bed at my dad's house, at 25 years old, reading "He's Just Not That Into You". I had moved home for the summer from Boston so that I could work full-time on completing my graduate thesis at Harvard. And, I was moving through some serious heartache that shook my confidence to it's core. My mom knew all about the situation with this guy, so she ...

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29 09, 2017

The Reason Why Men Pull Away Right When You’re Most Attracted To Them

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A dear reader recently wrote to me who said: Hi Alexis, For the first time in my life I slept with a guy after the second date. We have an awesome time together in conversation and great physical connection, but after 5 dates I feel like he's pulling back. He still texts every day but was texting at least 3x per day. What to do when he pulls back and you really like ...

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28 09, 2017

Will There Be A Second Date?

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If you're single and dating, how do you know when a first date should move to a second? I had so much fun on AM Northwest telling them all about it! Click here to watch.There are two parts to whether or not there will be a second date: the first is looking at what is within your control in terms of being your best self and having a great first date. The other ...

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14 09, 2017

How to get through a breakup of a long term relationship

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I know how it feels to be crying my eyes out, yet again, over someone that I've tried to get over but still loved. Breakups are not only hard, the loss of a relationship can often be just as painful as actually losing a loved one. And it makes sense – this person that you loved so deeply, that was such a huge part of your life, is suddenly gone, unreachable, untouchable. And ...

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13 09, 2017

From Online Dating To The Real Thing In 4 Easy Steps

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Are you putting yourself out there but not finding dates? Are you sick of going in blind and not having a good time when you do go on dates? Are you trying to escape the social bubble you’re in and seek partners whom you could never meet from within? If any of these describes you, you are probably a great candidate for online dating. Online dating enables you find like-minded, local singles who ...

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10 09, 2017

Happy Sunday Podcast: How to Change Your Relationship Status Permanently

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The other night I was at a beautiful candlelit yoga class sinking into a seated pigeon pose. The teacher kept instruction us to just "let go". Trying to be dutiful, I'd be twisting into a position, breathing through the pain of my tight muscles, and attempting to let go, knowing that I only had so much time in this peaceful space before going home to my busy life. And yet knowing all of ...

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2 09, 2017

He Just Went Silent On Me – What Should I Do?

By | 2018-01-15T23:12:01+00:00 2nd September 2017|Dating|9 Comments

You’ve been seeing a new man that you’re really into, and you feel the familiar feeling that comes with getting your hopes up. You actually even allow yourself to be excited about him! And then, the most crushing blow of all happens. He goes radio silent. You stare at your phone, praying that he will text or call, jumping at every notification. But nothing... I know how it feels, beautiful. You’re left questioning ...

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9 08, 2017

Finding Love When You Know Yourself Best

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What better time to look for love than when you know yourself best? You have years of experience in love, career, family and friends, and travel. Sharing these memories and future adventures can be made sweeter with the potential of everlasting love and a partner you can call your best friend. So, how do you go about this thing called love? Love can happen in mysterious ways but can be found when you ...

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4 08, 2017

How to Be Rejection Proof When You’re Dating

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I can still remember being at the concert by myself. I had been casually dating this guy for a few months who I was really into. Even though deep down I knew something was missing that I may never be able to 'fix', I so desperately wanted him to like me. I found out that one of his favorite bands was Pearl Jam and they were going to be coming to Boston, where ...

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