Serendipidating Is The Dating Trend You Want To Avoid

One of the latest trends is Serendipidating. Serendipidating is putting off a date -- or dating in general -- in the hopes that someone better or decent will eventually come along. As a Dating Coach it's my job to keep up with the latest trends, and this is a dating trend you want to avoid, as it has the potential of screwing up your love life forever. So what is it, really? Serendipidating ...

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How to Use The Law of Attraction to Find Love

No matter what a client comes to me with, whether it's because they find themselves dating the same type of person over and over, or they're questioning their relationship, I always start in the same place with self-love. This is the key in how to use the law of attraction to find love. The reason we work on self-love before we dive into dating or the relationship, is because I believe if you ...

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A Fun At Home Personal Branding Session

I had so much fun recently doing a photo shoot for a personal branding session at my home! When my brand, Crazy Wild Love, first started back in late 2012, the concept was more fun and flirty and geared towards younger women. There is still certainly an element of that, but the brand has since evolved to be more professional and sophisticated with some elegance and sexiness to it. I've done a number ...

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The Love Types And Guy Types You Need To Know

I was fortunate to connect with Dr. Avila who wrote a book around Love Types and Guy Types to help people find love. I had the chance to interview him and it was so fascinating learning about these different guy types! After reading the interview, post a comment below if you recognize what TYPE of guy you typically date? Or what type you are yourself? Alexis Meads: What made you specifically interesting in ...

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Enrollment For Crazy Wild Love Academy Closes Tonight

Today is the last day of enrollment and I can't believe it. The past few weeks have just flown by with excitement! Enrollment for Crazy Wild Love Academy closes tonight. Every once in a while, I come across an article so inspiring like the one I recently read titled "The Crossroads of Should and Must". Now, what's the difference? How do you know if you're at the crossroads? "The secret to life is ...

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How To Set Boundaries When You’re Dating Someone New

Looking back on my life when I was single, I realize that one of the things that probably most contributed to my dating roller coaster was this whole idea of boundaries, or, the lack of them. One thing that is sooo important to discuss is this idea of how to set boundaries when you're dating someone new. The simplest way to think of boundaries in dating and relationships is: At what point do ...

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Crazy Wild Love Academy Price Increase Tonight!

What I'm about to say is really important, so please take the time to read it. Every time I offer this program, I have women email me: "Alexis, I really love your program but I'm just not sure it's the right time..." "I just started a new job so things are really busy." "I'm not sure if I can spend the money right now." "I'd rather wait until it's the right time, when ...

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I’m Afraid I’ll Be Alone Forever

One of the fears that I hear most from women is "I'm afraid I'll be alone forever." I know that when you've gone through a terrible breakup, felt like you've had more failed dates than you can count, and see many of your friends getting engaged or married, it's easy to feel like you may be alone forever. But let me tell you...you won't. I've been doing this work for 6 years now ...

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Top Questions and Answers About Crazy Wild Love Academy!

First, a HUGE thank you.The past 48 hours have been inspiring. I've had a lot of fun welcoming our newest Crazy Wild Love Academy members into the family and I've been fielding some great questions. I'll answer the top questions about the Crazy Wild Love Academy here. If you didn't know that the Crazy Wild Love Academy opened the other day for enrollment, don't worry, it's not too late. The early bird price ...

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This Embarrassing Night Finally Helped Me Have The Love Breakthrough I Needed

I was at my birthday party, on the rooftop of my apartment building in downtown Boston, eating a vodka soaked pineapple when he finally showed up... I knew that I was already a little tipsy, but that didn't stop my heart from doing a full somersault when I saw him. I swallowed. Hard. And then walked straight up to him. We hugged and he complimented my dress and the party. Then he said, ...

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